• Crystal clear water at Uluwatu Beach

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  • Rice fields of Bali

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    to yellow plants ready for harvest.

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  • Colourful Baskets

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Amed Cafe, right at the beach...

Amed Cafe was quiet when we were there during the low season. But from the look of it we had this feeling that it can get pretty busy during the high season.

The setting of the restaurant is just perfect, with tables right at the beach and more tables in the semi-open restaurant.


tables at the baech amed cafe
Have lunch or dinner right at the beach


Besides having a fantastic lunch or dinner here, it's also a great place for sipping cocktails or freshly squeezed juice during the day or until late at night.

You can enter the restaurant when coming from the beach or through the entrance along the main road. Look out for the Drop Off Dive Club sign because just around the corner of this club you'll find this Cafe.

Their menu card just seems to go on and on. You can divide the menu into light dishes and a long list of main courses.

Both are served all day...


matt at amed cafe bali
Relaxing with a cold drink at the beach


If you are not that hungry or you don't feel like having a big lunch they have a large choice of 'appetizers' that include soups, salads, omelets, sandwiches, jaffles and toasts.

As for the main courses the menu lists loads of things, but again once you look closer you will discover that they basically are all the same dishes but with a different main ingredient such as fish, squid, prawn, chicken, beef and pork.

The fish or meat is either cooked with mushrooms, vegetables, sweet sour sauce, butter sauce, curry sauce or grilled.


restaurant at amed cafe bali
The restaurant area


Besides the fish and meat dishes they also serve Indonesian Nasi Goreng, pastas, pizzas and Balinese specialities.

The Balinese dishes are even described with pictures which makes life a little more easier when your travel to Bali for the first time or when you are with kids.

You probably have to come back though because you do need to order the Balinese dishes 3 hours in advance in order to give the chef the time to prepare it the authentic way.

So if you really want to try real traditional Bali food this is the place to go to.


dinner at amed cafe bali
Balinese food all the way


As for my girlfriend and I we ordered a mixed salad as a starter which we can highly recommend. Stay away from the green salad though because it's just salad, no extra ingredients or whatever so not very exciting.

And for the main course, we had the wonderful Fish Curry and Tuna Satay. The satay was particularly special because it had a touch of coconut to it, giving it a very different taste.

We felt like ordering another one after finishing it...

As you can tell we had a great time and will definitely come back to try out their Balinese specialties.

Tel Amed Cafe: (+62 363 23473)

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