• Sunset at Balangan Beach

    Towards the end of the afternoon the mostly quiet beach of Balangan gets a bit busier
    with those who are hoping for a stunning sunset.

  • The Beaches at The Gili Islands

    The Gilis have the most stunning tropical beaches with sparkling white sand, blue clear
    water and the rustling of the the palm trees...

  • Boats at Sanur Beach

    From the very beginning the beach of Sanur has been a mix of big beach resorts and
    strings of traditional fishing boats.

  • Sunrise at Lovina Beach

    In Lovina it is worth to wake up together with the first sun rays as the start of the
    day is usually an amazing sight

Discover the different Bali Beaches...

When you think about the Bali beaches, images come to mind of swaying palm trees and amazing waves such as those at Kuta beach. But there is more then just this popular beach on the island...

There are also black volcanic beaches and tiny beaches located right below huge cliffs.


bali beach dreamland beach

Some of these beaches are wide, long and easy accessible for sun lovers to doze off all day while other beaches are hard to get to, often located in a tiny bay, giving you a ‘the hidden beach’ feeling.

In some areas in Bali the ocean is calm making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling or diving. In other parts of the island there are high waves and strong currents, which make Bali one of the best surf spots in the world.

So as you can tell, the beautiful and diverse beaches of Bali are one of the main reasons why it has become such a big tourist destination. In one day you can lie on different types of beaches, whether it’s jumping in clear tropical waters or standing on the edge of a 100m high cliff with spectacular views.

It’s all there...


north bali beaches


Lovina beach has a length of 8km volcanic black sand. It is a perfect place to escape the tourist outbreak in the South. The calm waters at the northern beaches provide enough opportunity for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Besides the amazing sunsets, it is worth to wake up early in the morning and tag along with one of the fishing boats. Seeing the mountains 'waking-up' from the ocean is a magical moment.


kuta area beaches


Badung Region: Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sesah & Sanur
These beaches are known world wide for excellent surfing and is the most popular tourist destination on the island. The southern beaches, particularly Kuta Beach Bali, Legian beach and Seminyak beach are one of the most crowded beaches and offer everything from massages, kite surfing to parties on the beach.

Sanur beach is on the other hand pretty laid back and ideal for swimming and sun bathing.

The beaches towards the north-west are deserted and underdeveloped. These are the beaches that are used mainly for surfing

Do make sure you check in which season you will be heading to Bali. During the wet season, the current can bring trash from the sea resulting in these beaches being covered with trash and debris.


uluwatu beach


Bali Bukit Peninsula: Jimbaran, Dreamland Beach, Balangan, Bingin, Padang Padang beach, Nyang Nyang beach, Suluban/Uluwatu, Green Ball beach, Tanjung Benoa & Nusa Dua
This mixture of beaches in the southern tip of Bali ensures excitement for every traveller. Jimbaran beach, with its length of 3 kilometers is ideal for walking and swimming, while in the evening it attracts hundreds of travelers for its seafood center and the atmosphere. Nusa Dua is quite similar and despite the four and five star hotels, its tropical beach is worth the visit.

On the other side of the peninsula the excellent surf breaks attract different type of travelers, who go mainly for surfing. This area is known for the best surf spots in the world. Even non-surfers should visit these beaches. The little bays and amazing cliff views of the emerald colored sea will be an unforgettable part of your holiday in Bali.

Today these beaches do not attract a large number of visitors, but it is unsure how long this will last. Developers at Bali Dreamland beach (also known as New Kuta Beach) have built a large golf course and resorts nearby this beautiful beach. While it was pretty quiet just a couple of years ago, the sun deck chairs lined up every day says enough...

If you want to experience the large diversity of the beaches in Bali, tour to several of these beaches in the Bukit in one day. If you leave early you can start at Nusa Dua, have lunch at Uluwatu, chill at Padang Padang and have dinner in Jimbaran....


east bali beaches

Tulamben, Amed, Jasri, Candidasa, Padangbai, Pasir Putih & Bias Tugal
These beaches are located in the shadow of the mighty and holy Mount Agung and it shows. The first four beaches have black volcanic sand and there are a lot of rocks around. The mountain erupted in 1963 and thousands of people were killed and lots of people were forced to transmigrate to other Indonesian islands.

Besides black volcanic sand there are a couple of stunning beaches with white sand too. We think that this area has the best beaches in Bali when it comes to diversity, the tropical feeling and the sense of being the only one :-)

East Bali is still one of the less populated areas on the island, quiet but also very charming. At many villages the tourism industry hasn't taken off yet as it has done in the south. Therefore you can still find many affordable hotels right at the ocean front. Villages located nearby beautiful coral gardens offer many facilities for snorkeling and diving.


west bali beaches


Soka beach, Balian, Medewi Beach, Pemuturan & Menjangan

The black volcanic beaches in West Bali are the most deserted beaches in Bali. Don’t be surprised if you’ve been walking on the beach for hours and you haven’t seen anyone.

These beaches are known for their rough surf and as always, surfers tend to roam here. If you prefer calmer waters you can head up to Pemuturan. Tourism development is still slow here as it is pretty far from where the action is. But if you do make it up here you will be treated with nice beaches and wonderful diving opportunities. For the best snorkeling or scuba diving experience in Bali head to Menjangan island.


bali beaches nusa lembongan


Jungutbatu, Mushroom bay, Dream beach, Lighthouse beach, Mangrove beach
These beaches were initially popular among surfers, however today other types of travelers come to Nusa Lembongan island to relax on the beaches and to go snorkeling an diving.

You'll also still see the local Balinese at the beaches harvesting seaweed, especially towards the end of the afternoon.

Most of the Nusa Lembongan beaches have calm waters so you can easily go for a swim. However there are a few beaches were the current is strong so be careful. Once you arrive on the island try to rent a motorbike so you can easily explore the island and its beaches.


gili trawangan bali beaches


The Gili Island Beaches
Technically speaking these islands don't officially belong to Bali, as the Gilis are part of Lombok. However they are easy to reach by fast boat and therefore a great destination when spending your holiday in Bali.

Here you can find stunning white sand beach with swaying palm trees and clear waters in which you just want to jump in straight away. This is the place to be for a tropical holiday. Here you can sit at the beach all day, enjoy the atmosphere, eat at great restaurants and sleep at characterful accommodations.

These islands are car and motorbike free, giving it an even more relaxed feeling. There are three islands to choose from, all with a different character so perfect for any type of traveler.


hidden bali beaches


The best 5 hidden beaches in Bali
Everybody wants to experience the feeling of being the only one on a tropical beach. You would think that all the beaches in Bali have been discovered and are pretty crowded. But luckily, if you put some extra effort you can have your exclusive Bali beach moment (in some cases together with a couple of more travelers....sorry).

1. Pemuteran, located north of Bali has many patches of sand left untouched. Just drive into one of the side streets that isn't owned by a resort and you'll find the most quietest beach in Bali. There are no facilities so bring food and drinks with you.

2. Bias Tugal, located at the next bay west of Padangbai. You need to go uphill along a dirt road and from there descend again through shrubs, but once there you will be rewarded for your hard work.

3. Ungasan beach, southern tip of the Bukit area is for those who want to have a secluded beach yet want to enjoy 5 star facilities at the same time. This strip of sand has been confiscated by the Nammos beach club. To enter you need to pay USD25 so you can use the beach and their facility. Modern colonialism ensures that this place pretty much stays 'hidden'.

4. Pandawa beach is also located in the southern tip of Bali. The road to the beach is pretty tricky but again, if you put some effort in it you will find a beautiful white beach with emerald blue water. There is a small cafe and some sun lounges at the beach.

5. Amed beach, the most easiest to reach as it is a popular destination. But this coast line has many small bays most of them deserted with an occasional fisherman passing by. Even if you would stay at a beach resort you are likely to find yourself the only one swimming in the big clear blue ocean...


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