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Bali Buddha, for healthy and delicious food

Bali Buddha Cafe isn't hard to miss due to its bright purple colored building. It is located on Jalan Jembawan (side street of Jalan Raya), right in front of the Ubud Post Office.

The cafe is a popular hang-out among travelers visiting Ubud and there are people meeting each other here over sipping a healthy fruit juice or herbal tea.

It's also one of those relaxed restaurants where you could read a good book or today's newspaper.

Outside the shop there is a billboard with all kinds of ads on courses in Ubud, especially yoga and meditation courses but also on house rental, non-profit organizations, up coming events etc.


bali buddha cafe in ubud bali Just outside the cafe on Jalan Jembawan


The Buddha Cafe also has a health food store, which is located on the ground floor. It sells all kinds of products which are health related such as various seeds, rice milk, cereals, organic products and many more.

These products are hard to find in Indonesia so a real treat for those who are traveling for a long period of time.

The best thing I like from the shop are the many snacks and breads that are displayed.

These snacks are homemade and they just sound and look delicious. I definitely had my share of the sticky cinnamon role and the yogurt raisin scones...;-)

But there is also dark wholemeal and rye bread, rice bread, bagels, carrot cake, cheese cake and so much more that makes it too much to list.


bali buddha store ubud bali
When you visit Bali you might want to check this place
if you miss homemade bread..

All these goodies are also found back of the cafe's menu.

The Buddha cafe is done properly. In the first section you have cushioned seats where you can comfortably have your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Climbing up a few stairs you enter the other section, which has wooden tables and chairs, but also benches and seats where you can sit for hours while enjoying the wide selection of healing- and herbal teas.

It takes a while before you have glanced through the entire menu. Almost for every dish there is information on the many health benefits of the ingredients used.


bali buddha cafe from the inside


I don't know where to begin to describe all the food that they serve. Soups, burgers, Italian, sandwiches, Mexican, Indonesian food and even raw vegan food....

But the unique thing about it is that original combinations are used in their dishes. 

Additionally you have the possibility to choose how you want your dish served.

For instance the pizza can be made from wheat flour, rice flour (gluten free), spelt or rye crust. And the same counts for the sandwiches and pastas.

Even for their creamy pasta sauce you can choose any type of nut milk to replace the cream, which is a healthier option.


matt and monico at the bali buddha cafe in ubud
Deciding what to choose from all the great dishes

Because it was difficult for us to choose from all the mouth-watering food, we went back several times.

The hard working staff really do their best to get your order as quick as possible, but  it's a bit chaotic sometimes because there are just too many customers who need to be served.

So a little 'awkward' tip from us, when they serve your food ask for the bill immediately.

Mmmm? Yep, it takes a while before your food arrives but this also counts for the bill. Once you're finished eating you can leave whenever you want, instead of standing in line to pay.

Jalan Jembaway 1
Opposite Ubud Post office
Tel: (+62 361) 976324

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