• Kuta and Legian Beach

    Hundreds of people come to these beaches everyday to lounge on one of the many
    sun beds, to surf or to stroll along the sea shore.

  • Daily scenes in Bali

    The unique thing about this island is that every where you go you will see something you
    probably won't see back home

  • Fishing boat off Tuban Beach

    Just south of Kuta you can find the quiet Tuban beach, where fishermen still head out to
    sea to catch their daily fish

  • Offerings on the street

    You can pretty much say that many typical Balinese things have disappeared from the Kuta
    street scene, except for the daily offerings of course.

Bali Kuta Beach - Avoid it or Enjoy it....?

Bali Kuta Beach and Legian beach are one of the most popular villages on the island and attract people from all over the world who are looking for the same thing: a tropical place where you can relax during the day and go wild at night.

This area is the perfect example of things going wrong when it comes to tourism planning. Some might disagree since Kuta attracts the most visitors of all the Bali villages, but once you are there and experience it you will understand that it is heading in the wrong direction.


kuta beach bali kartika plaza
View of Kuta Beach from Kartika Plaza

Getting around: Plus important addresses and handy phone numbers...

Things to do: Take a surfing lesson, enjoy the sunset while strolling along the beach...

Restaurants: Local food in abundance.... one of our favorite 'Warungs' is here.


Kuta's popularity already started in the mid 1930's when the Americans Bob and Louis Koke discovered at that time quiet beach with magnificent waves. They built the 'Kuta Beach Hotel' (now the Inna Kuta Beach hotel) which became popular among wealthy Europeans and Americans who traveled the world by ocean liners.

After WO II not many travelers visited the island until the 1960s when this quiet and laid-back beach became a magnet in Asia for hippies who travelled from Australia to Europe. Surfers followed, and more Balinese with the help of foreigners started to build hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

Over the decades, this little village became known as the place where you can enjoy an unforgettable cheap holiday. It expanded slowly towards the neighboring villages of Legian, Seminyak in the north and Tuban in the south. Today when you walk along this famous beach you will not notice when Kuta beach ends and Legian beach starts.


surfboards right up in the sand
Ready for some surfing?


When it comes to cash coming in you can say that the tourism has had a good impact in this area. But when you look closer you will see that, from a cultural and environmental point of view, the negative consequences of mass tourism are irreversible.

Greed is in our opinion the main cause. Everybody wants to enjoy the ride without considering the consequences it will have to the Balinese and the environment. Building permits are still handed out to large international developers and those from Jakarta without even considering what their impact will be on the current problems. It seems as everybody who is in a position to decide the fate of Kuta just shut their eyes and hope that the problems of lack of water, growing waste and continuous traffic jams will just blow away.

And those who realize that it would be crazy to invest so much in an area that has many unresolved problems just start building at the 'New Kuta Beach', what was formerly known as Dreamland. It looks like the entire Kuta area has lost control with even more accommodation in the form of hotels and luxury villas.

When people say that Bali is killed by its own success then you can immediately see what they mean here...


procession on legian street in kuta bali
Hindu procession on the corner of Jalan Legian and Jalan Pantai


As you can imagine, we try to avoid Kuta en Legian at all causes. If we need a short beach vacation in this area we prefer to stay on Tuban beach, where things are still a bit low key.

But in our opinion everything that has put Bali on the map has disappeared in Kuta. Instead, this village has turned into a hotspot similar to those in Europe, Australia and the U.S.A.

If somebody would blind fold you, put you on a plane to Bali and took you straight to Kuta you would have never had guessed you would be in Bali. Which we think is a tremendous shame.


bali bombing kuta bali
The Memorial for the victims of the Bali Bombing 2002

Getting Around

As mentioned earlier Kuta area is a crowded village which is usually jammed with cars, taxis and motor scooters. The main street that runs through this area is Jalan Legian. This 5 km long main street is a one way street connecting the villages Seminyak, Legian and Kuta with each other.


traffic jam on jalan legian near poppies
Traffic jam on Jalan Legian



Along the beach, you have Jalan Pantai Kuta, which is also a one way street running from the south to the north. And everything in between is narrow side streets that connect these two main streets, of which Poppies I and Poppies II are the most famous.

Every inch of these streets is packed with shops, sports bars, restaurants and travel information booths which even promote 'cremation-tours' while along Jalan Pantai on the Kuta waterfront you can mainly find big hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel Bali and Grand Istana Rama resort. And not to forget the massive new Bali Beach Walk Mall, which pretty much sums up the picture of which way Kuta is heading.




So what is the best way to get around?

When we happen to find ourselves there, we prefer to rent a motor scooter (a bicycle is also a good option) as it makes it easier to take short cuts through the narrow alleys or to squeeze yourself through a traffic jam on Jalan Legian or Jalan Pantai.

Another good option is to walk. But we can imagine that the distances can be too far, so that leaves you with another choice: the taxi. You don’t have to search for them because they are everywhere. When you take one make sure they turn on the taximeter or try to negotiate a reasonable price first before driving off.

A more traditional mode of transportation is a ride on the horse-and-carriage. Only a maximum of 4 people are allowed to hop on though, which is only fair considering the size of the horse...

horse and carriage waiting in kuta
Hop on for a ride

Important Addresses and Phone Numbers

You can find a Bali Post Office on Jalan Tujung Mekar in the south-east of Poppies Kuta near the Chinese temple and the Pasar Malam (evening market) and is open from Monday to Thursday 8am-3pm, Friday and Saturday till 11.30am, closed on Sunday.

Next to the Chinese temple you can find the Police Station (0361-751598/751998) and there's a tourist police office on Jalan Pantai Kuta next to the beginning of Poppies Kuta II.

The Legian Medical Clinic (0361-758503) can be found on Jalan Legian, Gang Benasari.

The Bali International Medical Center (0361-761263) is located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai no. 100X near the Galleria Shopping Arcade.

The SOS Medika Bali Clinic (Emergency number: 0361-710 505) is also located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai no. 505X.

Bali Dental Clinic 911 Kuta (0361 - 766255, 7449911) located in Mall Bali Galleria 2nd Floor No. 2c -58/59, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai

The Tourist Information Center (0361-756176) is located on the corner of Jalan Bakung Sari and Jalan Raya Kuta and open from Monday - Saturday from 8am-6pm.

Airlines: Garuda Indonesia (0361-751011), Japan Airlines (0361-757077), Lufthansa (0361-287069),Singapore Airlines (0361-766942), Air France (0361-288511), KLM (021-2526740), China Airlines (0361-757298), Air New Zealand (0361-756170), Cathay Pacific (0361-753942), Malaysian Airlines (0361-764995), Thai Airways (0361-288141), Eva Air (0361-288511), Qantas Airlines (0361-288331), Continental Airlines (0361-768358) or you can call the Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (0361 9351011).


famous poppies lane bali
The famous and narrow Poppies Lane I

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Things to Do

All the negative ranting aside there is one thing that still makes Kuta special. No, it's not the thousands of cheap shops, visiting a spa, hanging at the pub all day or entertainment in the nightclubs. It's what has attracted the first crowd to this popular beach: surfing. Today this beach is still visited by hundreds of surf dudes; advanced, intermediate and beginners from all over the world.

If you are a beginner then this is probably the best place to learn surfing. Early in the morning surf boards are placed upright in the sand while Balinese surf instructors wait for their pupils who want to catch their first waves. If you prefer to get lessons from a licensed surf school then you can find many of them along Jalan Pantai Kuta. The most popular are Kahuna and Quicksilver.

Either way, all the instructors in Bali guarantee that you will be standing on the board after 1 lesson. If not, you will get your money back.


bali surfing lesson on kuta beach
Surfing remains the number one thing to do in Kuta


Besides surfing, this famous beach is also a nice beach for swimming, if there are no dangerous undercurrents. Additionally it is a pretty unique beach in Bali as it stretches from Tuban all the way to Canggu. If you want you can walk miles on end on and pass all the famous beaches of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Best time to go is in the early morning or just before sunset.

I have to admit as hard as I always try to avoid Kuta area, they do have one the most beautiful sunsets on the island....


kuta beach sunset
One of those Kuta beach photos that will never change...


If you do decide to stay in Kuta then you can find many tourist information booths which offer various tours around the area, but also to destinations which I think are pretty out of the way, such as driving all the way up to GitGit waterfalls or to the the hot springs in Banjar.

If you really want to experience something I always recommend an attraction where you don’t have to sit in the car for hours.

From Kuta you can easily reach Tanah Lot, Uluwatu or Ubud. The other great thing to do is to explore the beaches in the southern tip of Bali. You can visit several in one day to take in the different atmospheres. Start off in Nusa Dua, then head to Uluwatu beach to watch the surfers and continue to Padang Padang for a relaxing swim. End your day trip at Jimbaran beach where you can have a delicious dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants.

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In Kuta, you can eat anything you can imagine (unfortunately no organic restaurants found so far). So don't be surprised if you bump into your favorite fast food restaurant such as McDonalds or if you can order your regular skim milk latte with a shot of caramel at Starbucks. Yep, they have invaded this little piece of Bali too. For some its a relief but we think that if you choose to head to Bali you should at least try out their delicious local food.

Luckily that is also present in this little crazy town, so no excuses....

One of our favorite restaurants in Kuta is probably also one of the cheapest: Warung Indonesia at Poppies II. It's a popular place and you will always see people eating there. Besides this warung there are many other cheap places to eat in Poppies I and II. So it is pretty easy to find a fresh grilled fish with some steamed white rice on the side.


local bali food at kuta
Enough places to try out local food


If you want something a bit more fancier plus you want to try out more of the Indonesian dishes then we highly recommend heading straight to Ketupat Restaurant. It is located just before the Bali Bombing Memorial on Jalan Legian.

Without a doubt is this the best place in Bali to taste various dishes from the Indonesian Archipelago. Want to try some Sumatran, Javanese, Balinese or Madurese food? This is the place with a great atmosphere too. You'll want to come back too...

Another restaurant that we can recommend for its nice location on the beach and friendly service is Tekor Bali. Actually it is located just north of Kuta beach where Legian beach begins. It's a cute place squeezed between the many Legian bars on the waterfront. While we try to recommend local food or organic food as much as possible in Kuta, this is a pretty difficult. Tekor's menu does lists pastas and other western influences, but they also serve fried, steamed, grilled or baked fish dishes caught that very same day.

So despite being one of the many western-style restaurants we still suggest heading here for their delicious choice in fish dishes.

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