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Top End Eco Bali Luxury Resorts

These Bali luxury resorts show that eco and luxury go hand in hand very well. Amazing structures built with natural materials in a secluded location far from the large crowds are the key elements of these luxurious hideaways.

Why spend so much for so little at the standard resorts if you can have something unique?


Five Elements, near Mambal

This retreat is the place to get away from it all and to restore you energy and well-being. Whether it is physical or mental, the Five Elements has been carefully designed in order to take in all the natural and spiritual elements. The whole premises is designed according to the Balinese Cosmology or Balinese Vastu elements which is also used in the traditional Balinese village planning. For instance the most sacred area is seen as 'the Head" which is the area closest to Mount Agung, while "the Feet" is the area closest to the sea and is considered the less sacred.

At Five Elements you can find the temple and ceremonial area at the 'Head'. While at the Body area, which is seen as the important area, the retreat has allocated the restaurant, treatment rooms, meditation and yoga area and swimming pool. At The Feet area you can find the stunning guest suites with their high-grass roof ceilings, en suite garden bathroom and local furniture.

Besides respecting and applying ancient Balinese knowledge to their site plan, Five Elements is also concerned about the environmental and cultural aspects. Natural material such as bamboo, rattan and recycled teak wood is used throughout the resort. An organic garden provides the restaurant with fresh ingredients for guests who are vegan and serves raw food dishes while measures are taken to save water and energy.

You can choose to fully embrace the whole concept of Five Elements and treat yourself to the many healing treatments offered. And if you want to escape hectic life, be far from everything, are seeking a romantic place to stay or just want to spoil yourself then the Fivelements is also the place to be.


Bambu Indah, Ubud

Each accommodation at this eco boutique resort is uniquely designed based on traditional building methods. The result, a wonderful place you will find nowhere else. Founder and designer of the Green School, John and Cynthia Hardy have also applied the concept of sustainable living into their Villa Bambu resort.

Here they use sustainable buildings, cleaned filtered tap water to eliminate plastic bottles and organic bath products. Their natural pool is free from chemicals. The water is filtered through the lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, making it as clean as a water spring.

At the Dapoer restaurant you can try various organic dishes prepared with fresh ingredients from their own organic garden. Jams, breach, granola and desserts are also part of the homemade products. Other necessary products are bought locally.

The accommodation is set in houses constructed with traditional materials. So don't expect something flashy. Instead the mixture of a traditional house together with colorful decorations and luxurious facilities make this place very special. Couples will be speechless when staying at the houses Biru, Udang, Manis, Kuning and Kolam. If necessary, it is possible to add a bed in these houses too. Families will have a blast when staying at the Pagoda.

If you want to experience staying in an authentic house made entirely of bamboo then the Sumba will definitely be your number one house.


Villa Kunang Kunang, Ubud

Set in the rice fields nearby Ubud the Villa Kunang Kunang is the perfect place if you want to enjoy the Balinese landscape yet at the same time be close to the cultural village of Ubud. There are just three villas here: the Rice Barn (2 bedrooms) and 2 Balinese Bungalows (1 or 2 Bedrooms).

All three accommodations are built from renewable local materials and designed by local craftsmen. The decoration blends perfectly with the whole setting and the large windows allow the refreshing breeze to cool down the rooms naturally.

The view from the villas are stunning rice fields and the organic garden from which the villa prepares delicious meals. Other ingredients are bought from organic and/or local suppliers only. The owners have specifically chosen not to create a swimming pool in order to prevent harmful chemicals ending up in the environment.


Munduk Moding Plantation Pool Villa, Gobleg

Munduk Moding Plantation is a wonderful place for nature lovers who also want to enjoy some luxury at the same time. This nature resort is located within a large organic plantation and forest. They take pride in their successful efforts to keep the impact of the plantations to a minimum which have resulted in an increase of bird and wild life. They share their knowledge and network with the local villagers in order to provide them with social benefits and to preserve the beautiful area.


eco bali hotel munduk


Munduk area is still unspoiled and mass tourism such as in the south is something the resort tries to avoid by supporting village development, cultural heritage and conserving the natural surroundings.

Its ideal location enables you to walk through their plantations and to meet local farmers. Additionally lakes, waterfalls, temples and mountains are nearby so it is easy to go on a day trip or go horse back riding and return in the late afternoon to your luxurious villa with private pool.


munduk moding plantation pool


The restaurant at the gorgeous infinity pool offers organic breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even join the chef when he goes to collect the ingredients from the garden. If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from you private villa then dinner can be served there too.

This nature resort is the perfect place for nature lovers and active travelers who want to enjoy luxury at the same time.


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