• Crystal clear water at Uluwatu Beach

    Surfers come to Uluwatu to tackle the highest waves of Bali. Not a surfer? You can still jump into the tropical water for a wonderful swim too.

  • Rice fields of Bali

    Travel through Bali and be amazed at the beautiful rice fields. From fresh green seedlings
    to yellow plants ready for harvest.

  • Temple Ulun Danu Bratan<

    Visit temples at the most beautiful locations: perched on a cliff, located in sea, at a lake or
    right in the shadows of the mystical Mount Agung.

  • Colorful Baskets

    The Balinese are preparing religious offerings every day. Whether it is for the small daily offerings or for big temple ceremonies. Everywhere you will see women balancing
    colorful baskets on their heads full of offerings.

Bali photos we've taken along the way

We have taken many Bali photos of unforgettable moments, beautiful people, colorful events, stunning views, tropical beaches, great luxurious resorts and of course delicious dishes.


placing offerings at ubud market


You can find all our favorite pictures throughout the greenerbali.com website. However there are still many which we haven't added.

So besides posting photos on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ we have created a small selection of our favorites here too.

If you scroll through our pictures of Bali you will get a quick impression of this island and the things we love about it. Plus you will probably see things you might want to see with your very own eyes. We have added a short description to each picture so you know where to go once you are there yourself...

We divided our favorite pictures into the following:

Culture in Bali

Beaches, rice fields and views

Religion and Temples on Bali

Touring around the island


Culture in Bali

daily offerings bali religion


A Bundle of Offerings

The Balinese place offerings every day, several times a day at non-random locations. They make these offerings to appease the demons.

You will see it every where you go. Starting off on the dash board of your airport taxi to the reception of your hotel, on statues, at busy junctions, on pavements etc. Everywhere. At certain places you can see dozen of these offerings together, creating a colorful and pretty unique thing to see.


selling offerings ubud market bali


Real Life Paintings

The local market, such as Ubud Market, Sanur Market and Sukawati Market are the place to be if you want to see local produce and goods. Tropical fruit and vegetables are perfect items to make some great pictures.

On top of that, there are many who are selling pre-made offerings or just flowers so others can prepare their offerings themselves.


bali picture of statue with offering


Decoration on Decoration

As mentioned earlier the Balinese place offerings at specific locations. If you look at this picture you might think it is at a temple. But the Balinese have statues with offerings around their living courtyard as well.

Every piece of Bali seems to be beautifully decorated...


bali photos praying


Praying to the Gods

Every 210 days the Balinese celebrate their new year. This is accompanied with hundreds of ceremonies and even more prayers. If you travel around Bali during this period of time then you will see Balinese carrying offerings and conducting prayers everywhere. Even on the busiest junction in Kuta Bali.

In this case they found a quiet spot...


bali photos culture


Gracefully Balanced

No this is not done for tourists so they can take great photos... ;-) On certain days you will see a procession of Balinese carrying offerings to a certain temple or location. This photo was taken during a royal cremation.

Strings of women were carrying offerings from one temple to another. It was an amazing sight...


making offering bali ubud


Preparing Offerings

The Balinese make offerings from natural materials only. Flowers, banana leaves, bamboo are just a few of the things they use. Besides offerings you can find other wonderful natural products which the Balinese use for daily chores such as woven baskets and coconut utensils.


bali festivals and events


Art is Everywhere

Balinese art has evolved around religion. In the past everything they painted, crafted or created had a religious purpose.

Even today when there is a festival on its way the Balinese will make incredible things that will be used for that specific day or ceremony only.


bali religion cremation


Hectic and Loud

A cremation in Bali is probably different than what you are used to. In Bali you can say 'the more the merrier'. The Balinese want a loud crowd as the cremation ceremony is not considered a sad occasion. This is the day that the soul of the deceased will start his or her journey to heaven followed by reincarnation.

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Beaches, rice fields and views of Bali

candidasa beach bali


Time to do Nothing

Candidasa village is one of our favorite places to relax. After a day touring around it is one of those places where you can just sit, watch the ocean until sunset and do nothing at all.


bali picture of ricefield color of gold


Fields of Gold

Rice fields are one of the things Bali is known for. The fields can be under water, have the lush green or yellow color.

In the north of Bali (in this case on the road from Lovina to Lake Bratan) you can find amazing rice terraces with beautiful mountain backgrounds. These are typical landscapes of Bali but after so many years we are still in awe when seeing them.


bali pictures mount batur


Batur from another Angle

From Kintamani you have the most popular view of Mount Batur. It is an impressive mountain located right at Lake Batur. At Kintamani you can have breakfast or lunch with view of Batur but when you descend to the inner crater where the moon-like landscape is pretty impressive too. Hiking up to the summit is a very popular thing to do.


jatiluwih ricefield terraces bali


Picture Postcard from Bali

These are scenes which are the most famous. Green rice terraces as far as the eye can see. For the ultimate view head to Jatiluwih. Here you will be surrounded by this incredible man made creation.


jasri beach east bali


Walking along the shore

Jasri beach is located in East Bali. It is not a popular beach as it has black sand and the water is not always accessible. But if you are a surfer you might want to head over there. If there is an ceremony going on then it is of course very interesting to be here too.


rice fields west bali


Rice rice rice...

We have already added a picture of amazing rice terraces. But we just had to add this one too. If you look on the very right you see the farmer checking out his field. He is tiny compared to the immense rice field.


candidasa bali lagoon

Pink Lagoon

Candidasa has amazing sunsets. This one is taken from the lagoon, located right in the center of town.


bali photos mountain views


Sun on the slopes

Between Tulamben and Amed you will have amazing views of the rice fields, mountain slopes and ocean in the far back. Around Amed there are more places where you can take in the beautiful views so it's a perfect route to do some touring around on a motor bike.


lovina coast north bali


Waking up in Lovina

Early morning when the sun has just appeared from behind the mountains the mist still covers most of Lovina beach. When you join one of the local fishermen in Lovina you can watch this spectacular time of the day too.


munduk bali rain clouds


Sun-ray through the clouds

Somehow we always end up in Munduk during the rainy season. Not that good for hiking, but perfect for shooting photos of amazing clouds. Here it stopped raining just before sunset.


pemuteran beach bali


The forgotten Beach

Pemuteran beach is located in the very far north, a place not many travelers reach. However it is has wonderful beaches where you can swim, snorkel and of course go scuba diving.

In this village you can still find many resorts right at the beach while in the back you have the beautiful green covered slopes.


amed bali snorkeling and swimming


Crystal Clear Water.

Don't you feel like jumping in? The water in Amed has a green emerald color and is crystal clear. Perfect opportunity to stare at these colors or wonderful for swimming, snorkeling and diving.


tropical delight sanur beach bali


Fresh Coconut

Sanur beach is a popular among travelers for years. Besides spending their beach holiday at the many resorts, locals can enjoy it too. At the very north and south of the beach you can find little shops and restaurants selling local snacks, of which fresh coconut is one of them. Make sure you try it when you are in Bali.


bali beaches nusa lembongan


Collecting Seaweed

Just before it gets dark the local people on Nusa Lembongan island wade into the water to collect seaweed. Seaweed is used for cosmetic purposes and this is a good source of income for them.


ricefields near amed bali


Rice field Valley

Between Tirtagangga and Amed you have this spectacular view of the rice fields. The road hugs these mountains creating the best possibility to see the rice fields and of course to take great pictures.

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Religion and Temples

mengwi temple bali


Mengwi Temple

Mengwi Temple is located just north of Ubud. You can easily visit it if you are doing a day trip to Lake Bratan.

If you are lucky and there is a temple ceremony going on than this temple complex is even more a must to see.



Temple Ulun Bratan

This is just a part of the famous temple located on Lake Bratan. Many people have taken pictures of it and it is often seen in guide books and on postcards.

The lake is located at a high altitude so it can be misty at times. Not always good for the view but ideal for a nice picture.


pura kehen temple bali


Pura Kehen Bangli

Despite its beauty we have never seen a crowd at this temple complex. It has a fleet of stairs taking you along statues and decorations all the way to the temple itself.

Once at the temple grounds you have pretty much access to everything (unlike many other popular temples) so you can easily wander around and see the old temple ornaments and Meru (pagoda like roof) up close.


tanah lot temple bali indonesia


Tanah Lot

The most photographed temple in Bali. And probably the most visited. Tanah Lot is one of the 7 sea temples and is only accessible at low tide. The most favorite time to go is at sunset.


bali photos ceremony preperation


Goa Gaja

Goa Gaja is an ancient temple complex just outside Ubud. We were lucky enough to be there just before an important temple ceremony.

The people were busy making offerings as preparation for the big day. Offerings are carried in beautifully decorated baskets.


buleleng temple north bali


Buleleng Temple

In the north east of Bali you have a string of temples. It is always quiet here as many travelers do not manage to reach them. A perfect place to walk around by yourself and watch the Balinese place offerings and pray.


tirta empul ubud bali


Tirta Empul

Not far from Ubud you have one of the most popular holy springs in Bali. You can always see Balinese wading in the big bath. On special days, like on Full Moon it can get even more crowded. Offerings pile up on the edge of the bath while dozens of people stand in the water waiting for their turn.

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Touring around Island

bali local market


Women at the Local Market

The market is a wonderful place to walk around. In Bali it is a sight itself where you can see all the local goods displayed in hundred fold.


carrying a load bali people


Carrying a heavy Load

Along the road you will see many women carrying things on their head. Men tend to carry heavy goods on their shoulders.


bali public transportation


Off to the Temple

On our way to Besakih temple you can meet up with a small group of bemos. These vans are usually used as public transportation and drive a specific route. But if there is a temple ceremony going on the whole village jumps in and manages to squeeze in.


transporting bali photos



What can we say? The Balinese are good at making use of every little piece of space.


planting seedlings in bali


Planting seedlings

Rice is the main staple food in Bali and has been part of life for hundreds of years. Seedlings are neatly planted to ensure a good harvest...


duck herd central bali


Duck Crossing

Ducks are not only used for preparing a good dish but they are also essential in the rice fields. Just before harvest the ducks head to the rice fields to eat the algae and pests while their droppings fertilize the fields.


bali pictures preparing babi guling


Suckling Pig

Babi Guling is one of the most famous Balinese dishes. These women are preparing piglets that will be roasted. This is probably how they did it in the past. Why change something good, right?


bali photos waiting in munduk


Chatting at the Doorstep

A home stay is a great way to discover how the Balinese live and how their living court-yards look like. This picture is taken at Meme Surung Home stay in Munduk.


bali photo shopping ubud


Walking home from the Market

Balinese women can carry heavy things in large numbers. From the earliest pictures of Bali you can see that they have always been balancing things on their heads. Very convenient if you bought a lot at the market.



Ploughing the fields

Buffaloes are still used regularly to plough the rice fields. However nowadays you'll see more and more motorized equipment being used.


transporting a bike on a bike bali


Everything is possible on a Motorbike

Motor bikes are everywhere. Not surprisingly as a car is still too expensive for many. On top of that you can easily manoeuvre yourself through the heavy traffic. But what to do if you have to pick up something big? Obviously the Balinese don't have any problem with that.

A motorbike is by the way not only for two people. In Bali a whole family of 4 can fit on a motorbike.


toys and kids in bali


The Joy of Toys

Any kid would get excited if a motorbike covered with toys would stop at their door step...



Balancing skills

Carrying things on your head is much easier then lifting it on your shoulders. Or that's what the Balinese women make us believe.

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