• One bag of salt please...

    When you are driving along the main road in Amed you will soon see little bundles of salt
    for sale. Buy one as a souvenir so you can cook something nice once home.

  • Local life in Amed

    The nice thing about Amed is that despite the string of hotels and dive shops, the local
    people still continue to do as they did before, such as walking the cows.

  • Local fishing boats

    The beaches of Amed are covered with colorful local traditional fishing boats. You can also
    arrange one to take you on a snorkeling or sunset tour.

  • Cornfields

    In certain parts of East Bali it is too dry for the famous lush rice field terraces. In Amed
    the local people are dependent on other crops such as corn.

Hard work for a dash of salt from Bali

Traditional salt from Bali is mainly made in Amed. In this part of the island life is hard compared to other areas of the island. Here the local people are poor while the landscape is dry and arid so instead of tending lush green rice fields the people of Amed plant corn, tobacco, peanuts, cassava and beans.

Fishing is also important and that is evident with the strings of traditional fishing boats along the coast of Amed, however the daily catch are minimal and irregular.


Local fishing boats. lined up along the Amed beaches


An other source of income is traditional salt winning.

When driving through Amed you will see little plastic bags filled with salt for sale; a nice souvenir to take home. Once you a realize how much work is needed for a dash of salt you will appreciate this basic ingredient even more...

First large quantity of sea water is carried from the ocean and poured in a 5 by 5 meter squared area to dry. Salt water is added to increase the salt concentration. After three days, the mixture of soil and salt is poured into a cone shaped basin made from bamboo. Just like with grapes for wine, the salt farmer walks around in the basin and compresses the salt with his/her feet.


traditional salt winning baliSaltwater is compressed in the bamboo basin


The water is leaked out of the basin and collected so it can be dried again by the sun in wooden drying pans. Once all the water is evaporated the salt is gathered and ready for sale. In a good week salt farmers can collect 70 to 100 kg of salt worth Rp. 100.000 (USD 10).

As you can imagine carrying hundreds of liters of water on your bare shoulders everyday is hard work and the income is low compared to working in an hotel. Salt winning is therefore not at all popular among the younger generation.



drying pans traditional salt amed
The last drops of sea water are evaporated in the drying pans


Luckily restaurants such as those in Seminyak are acknowledging the quality of Amed's salt and hopefully it will become more popular and the income of salt farmers will increase.

At Cafe Garam visitors can learn and see the process of salt making. Baskets made from local materials filled with salt are for sale and the income generated is shared among the salt farmers.


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