• Catching a ride

    In many countries you will immediately be pulled to the side of the road when driving like
    this, but outside the busy Balinese villages traffic rules are often non-existent.

  • Amazing views in East Bali

    Just before you arrive at the famous water palace Tirta Gangga you will be treated with a
    wonderful view of a valley with rice fields.

  • Offerings for a safe journey

    Everyday at certain junctions, such as this one in Sanur you will see piles of offerings.
    They are placed to appease the gods and to ensure a safe journey for drivers.

  • Mengwi Temple

    Mengwi used to play an big role in history and like any important city, there is a beautiful
    temple. Pura Taman Ayun is worth the visit.

Bali Sightseeing Routes that will show you the beauty of the island

6 Magnificent Bali Sightseeing Routes starting at various points

Bali is a perfect island to explore by car, motorbike or for the strong ones among us even by mountain bike. It is a great way to spend the day taking in the gorgeous landscapes, panoramic views and seeing the cheerful people in the villages located far away from the tourist crowds.


women in truck bali sightseeing
Wonderful picture opportunities along the way...


We love exploring the island. In most cases we do get lost but only by loosing the way were we able to see every corner of the island. Bali is safe making it an ideal place to go touring around aimlessly. You don't have to be afraid of ending up at places you shouldn't be...

It you want to avoid your trip turning into an unwanted adventure, a private guide and driver offer a more comfortable experience. Just give him the points of the routes we suggest so he will know where to take you.

In this section we will give you a list of our favorite routes that we have seen during our trips. They will give you the chance to visit, see and experience the real Bali.

Some of our favorite routes can be easily combined with interesting places to visit.

Others routes can be taken if you are planning to go from one village to another.

We also give alternative return routes in case you are planning to do a one day round trip. These routes start and finish at the same place.


balinese on motor bikes bali sightseeing
Drive together with the Balinese. But in this case don't do as the local do...;-)


From our experience it is difficult to indicate how long a route will take as the road signs are not always well posted.

But the routes that we suggest can can be considered as a full day tour and this even includes getting lost a couple of times...;-)

Before we forget, don't forget to bring enough water and some food/snack with you. If you do get lost it might take a while before you find a shop or restaurant.


amed route baliEast Bali - Tulamben to Candidasa via Amed, Tirtagangga, Amlapura, Ujung, Pasir Putih, Candi dasa

This route takes you along the black volcanic beaches of Tulamben and Amed Bali into the stunning landscape created by volcanic eruptions and the skilled Balinese.

The mountain slopes covered in green terraced rice fields are spectacular especially if you continue your journey and find yourself in one of the driest and hottest regions. This must be the most quiet part of the island where not many tourists go, so expect to see another piece of the real Bali here....

sideman bali sightseeing routeRural Villages - Ubud to Candidasa via Besakih and alternatively via Sideman

Travel through time when passing through traditional villages. This route takes you along lush and green landscapes of rice field terraces and forests while ending at the east coast where you will be treated with an magnificent view of the sea. During the trip you also have the opportunity to see the most important temples.

Planning a day trip? Here we describe an amazing alternative route which crosses the most powerful kingdom in history where the scenery is breath-taking. Towards the end you will also be accompanied by a splendid view on the Mount Agung, believed to be the navel of the world by the Balinese.

kintamani bali sightseeing routeVolcanic Bali - Round trip Ubud to Kintamani (Mount Batur) and back via Sideman

From Ubud the route will immediately take you tot he mountain areas of Bali. This landscape offers great views and takes you to villages where people still live life as decades before.

Once at Kintamani you can stop to take in the gorgeous view of Batur lake and volcano. If you want a closer of the spectacular lake and volcano, you can even drive down into the crater.

The second stretch of the journey takes you back downhill through one of our favorite parts of the island and back to Ubud.

jatiluwih ricefield bali sightseeing routeRice fields of Jatiluwih - Round trip from Kuta or Ubud to Jatiluwih via Tabanan and Batukaru.

The Jatiluwih area is definitely one of the best places to see rice field terraces in abundance and to pass Balinese villages where time has stood still.

Here you'll be greeted by friendly Balinese carrying out their daily work in the fields. This is something totally different compared with the south of Bali. After the trip up to Jatiluwih all you can wonder about is how the Balinese have been able to create something as beautiful as this.

northern lakes bali sightseeing routeNorth Bali - Ubud to Lovina pass the three big lakes in the northern part of the island or alternatively a round trip from Lovina

This is a beautiful route if you are planning to head to the north of the island or want to do a round trip from Lovina.

These forested mountains will definitely have you cooled down from the heat while enjoying the view on Bratan lake, where you'll have the chance to visit the Ulun Danu temple too.

More up hill you'll soon be greeted with great views on the Twin Lakes. Make sure you bring some warm clothing with you as it can get pretty chilly up here...

antosari bali sightseeing routeWest Bali - Kuta to Lovina via Antosari

This is the route less taken but a great one if you are traveling from Kuta beach to Lovina beach.

It crosses the central mountain range giving you stunning views of areas that are covered with picturesque rice fields. Expect to be stopping several times to take a picture!

The condition of the road is good making this route pleasant, however the part between Tanah Lot temple and Antosari can be tricky as the main road is used by big trucks. So make sure you are extra careful while driving here.

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