• One of Bali's popular beaches

    Legian beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Hundreds of people come here
    every day of the year to enjoy the tropical sun.

  • Going from A to B

    The motorbike is the favorite form of transport in Bali. You will see them everywhere,
    some with just one passenger others with two or more...

  • Balin Sunset

    There are a couple of beaches in Bali that are known for their stunning sunsets. Balangan
    beach is one of them and everyday people come here to take stunning pictures.

  • Rice fields of Bali

    In the areas around Munduk, the Balinese are blessed with the perfect climate to cultivate
    rice, coffee, vegetables and fruit.

Bali Weather - What you can expect from a tropical island

With an average temperature of 27ºC the Bali weather is very tropical with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year. Since it is located along the equator the island experiences two distinctive seasons: dry season and rainy monsoon season.

Humidity can peak to 90% during the monsoon season with moderate or heavy rain showers, yet during the dry season the tropical conditions can still feel humid.


Current weather in Bali

Travelers to Bali should be aware that despite being a small tropical island, the climate can be quite diverse in different areas of the island. The center of the island is dominated by mountains that not only influence the temperature and rainfall, but also the whole landscape.

In the areas of Munduk, Mount Batur and Mount Gunung (west and south side) the temperature hardly climbs to 30ºC and sometimes you even need a sweater. Rain can fall more regularly resulting the the lush green landscape and rice fields.

When you stay in Ubud around the beautiful rice fields you don’t even have to use a fan or air conditioning in the evening since the winds coming from the mountains provides enough coolness, sometimes you even need a blanket and I’m not kidding…


bali rain poncho
Whatever happens, always bring a poncho with you during the rainy season


Along the coast line the conditions are more dry and much warmer but the ocean breeze makes the high temperature more comfortable.

Generally speaking the most popular time to travel to Bali is during the dry season which officially runs from May till October. From our own experience we learnt that you can visit Bali all year round. Even in the middle of the wet season you can expect the sun to shine.

Only if you plan to do certain activities during you holiday, should you double check when the dry season starts. Hiking and mountain climbing might not always be possible during the rainy season (from October to April) as trails can be closed. Besides, once you reached the summit chances are higher you'll be rewarded with clear skies and views as far as Lombok and Java during the dry season.

If you plan to go diving then the visibility can be less desirable while winds create waves which makes diving less attractive during the rainy season. The sea temperature varies between 27ºC and 29ºC all year round.


rainy season bali weather
Heavy tropical showers...


Surfers and beach lovers should also double check which beach has the best conditions. Surfing is possible all year round but some beaches have better waves during a specific season.

As for the beaches? Currents can bring loads of rubbish from the sea and dump it on Bali's most popular beaches, such as Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. Rivers are also known to bring a lot of debris and trash from the mountains to the sea during the rainy season. This is probably one of Bali's biggest headache. During the rainy season beaches are known to be covered with so much rubbish that bull dozers are needed to remove it.

So what can you expect during each season?

During the rainy season heavy clouds can hover over the island accompanied with a heavy but shore tropical shower. It also often happens that during the rainy season the rain will come at the same time of day. We were once in Munduk and planned everything before 15.00 as this little village would receive massive amount of rain in the late afternoon every day that week.


rain clouds bali weather
The rainy season can create amazing clouds...


But if the weather gods aren't favoring you then you can also experience a rainy season with days full of continuous rain. At some point it will start to flood and you won't even be able to see the difference between the swimming pool and walking path anymore.

Small roads in the mountain regions are known to be flooded and occasionally a bridge will be unaccessible too.

During the dry season there isn't much rain fall at all and if it does rain (often during the night) it feels refreshing. Temperatures can easily reach 32ºC making it sometimes too hot to go for a stroll (which you by the way should avoid between 10.00 and 15.00). That said, there’s always a nice breeze coming from sea.

Hurricanes are out of the question but this even might change with today’s climate change.


dry season bali weather
In North-East Bali it can get extremely dry...



Last but not least....

As mentioned earlier, Bali has a tropical climate. So if you are not from the tropics you should take extra precaution to avoid getting sunburnt. We watch worryingly Europeans baking for hours like it’s their last day ever under the sun. If you take a look at the Australian surfers you’ll see that they are properly prepared against the sun. Sometimes it looks like they are wearing white masks while catching a wave.

Unfortunately we have also seen many people as red as a lobster. I bet it probably hurts more then that it looks!


sun bali weather
Hey Mister where's your umbrella...?


The most unpredictable weather in Bali can be found in the mountains where it seems to be cool but where you easily get sunburned. So before you go hiking or sight seeing it’s best to head over to the Guardian drug store, which you can find in every major tourist area. Here you can get some quality sunscreen and aloe vera after sun just in case you might get sunburned.

When buying sunscreen check on the label if it protects you from UV-B and UV-A rays. UV-B rays cause sunburn and tanning which is actually not a sign of health but your skin's attempt to screen out the radiation of the sun.

UV-A is an even bigger problem because it penetrates deeper into your skin and so damages underlying cells causing wrinkles, skin cancer and other damages.


seek the shade bali weather
Many resorts provide comfortable places to escape the sun...


To prevent radiation damages from the sun is to stay out of the sun from 10 am to 2 pm, especially at water surfaces and white sand. Use comfortable clothing that covers sensitive parts such as shoulders, chest and upper legs.

Always use a high rate of sun block and always make sure to protect your children as severe sunburn during childhood can raise the risk of skin cancer.

With all this in mind, the different tropical climate in Bali will be no issue at all ;-)


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