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Cafe Garam Amed, more then just salt

Cafe Garam Amed is located in Amed village. Besides being a restaurant, the cafe has a whole display of information about traditional salt winning that used to be widely conducted in this area. By providing information and supporting the salt farmers, they hope to conserve this tradition.

Just outside the restaurant, towards the beach you can even see how the traditional salt winning is done.


cafe garam amed bali
Tools used for traditional salt winning...


Garam means 'salt' in Indonesian. So that explains the name of the restaurant.

In the low season, my girlfriend and I already stopped judging the restaurant by it's numbers of guests. Every restaurant in Amed, good or bad is quiet during the low season. Just as Cafe Garam.

Cafe Garam doesn't serve organic food. They kind of serve a bit of everything.


salad cafe garam bali
Shrimp salad with fresh pineapple...


Besides the Indonesian favorite and popular dishes such as gado gado and nasi goreng, they also for instance have dishes such grilled fishsalads, pastas, aubergine dishes, stone oven pizzas and even thai curry.

Luckily we saw that they also prepare authentic Bali food, such as the 'Iga Babi Bakar'. This is grilled pork spareribs with Balinese paste.


main dish cafe garam amed bali
Grilled fish of the day


Together with your food you can order a large variety of fresh juices. The fresh orange juice, 'Es Juruk' is terrific here. Just as their combination of fresh pineapple juice with ginger.

For dessert you should try out the typical Amed speciality called Godoh Amed. This is made out of mashed fruit fried in flour.

It was really good, just as the typical Indonesian dessert 'Pisang Goreng', fried banana.


salt winning cafe garam amed bali
Sea salt winning on the spot


After lunch or dinner you can stroll towards the beach where you can learn more about traditional salt winning. Cafe Garam also has pictures that explain how it's actually done.

And of course, the salt is for sale as well. A real Amed souvenir...

Jalan Pantai Timur
Tel:(+62 363) 23462

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