• THE White Beach of Bali

    Pasir Putih means white sand and when you visit this beach you will soon realize that it
    must have been pretty easy to give it its current name.

  • Rice Field Valley

    This is probably one of the best places to take a picture of the typical Bali rice fields.
    Find it just before you arrive at Amed from the north.

  • Dance Performances

    Every evening you have the opportunity to watch a beautiful and professional dance
    performance in Ubud.

  • Tanah Lot Temple

    The most photographed temple in Bali. This comes as no surprise considering the changes
    of the tides and amazing sunsets makes this temple change every time you see it.

Go Green With These Cheap Hotels in Bali For Less Then 80USD

On a budget? There is still a great choice of cheap hotels in Bali that at the same time are unique and eco-conscious. You'll be surprised that you don't have to pay much for something different.

Sleep in stunning cottages made entirely from natural material or wake up to stunning views of the rice fields...


Swasti Eco Cottages, Ubud

Swasti Eco Cottages is an ideal place to stay if you want to enjoy an eco hotel nearby Ubud. It is located in Nyukuning, a village hamlet connected with Ubud by the famous Monkey Forest. You have free access to the Monkey Forest through a little path. Make sure you bring a flash light with you if you plan to walk back after dinner.

It has 14 standard and deluxe rooms surrounded by an organic garden which the restaurant uses to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the rooms are built with local timber, bamboo or recycled teak. Since Swasti Eco Cottages take much value in the Balinese culture all rooms are colorful and decorated with local items.

The rooms are personalized and none of them are similar. The 4 traditional standard rooms have their own private terrace while 2 deluxe room with fan are located on the first floor and have a garden and/or rice field view. The 2 other deluxe rooms with air-conditioning have direct garden access on the ground floor.

For a more unique feeling consider staying at one of their traditional Javanese bungalows, also called Gladak. These bungalows are scattered throughout the premises and ensure more privacy. Four bungalows fit up to 4 people while the other two are perfect for couples.

Make sure you book yourself a spa treatment during your stay at the Swasti Eco Cottages. Their spa products are 100% natural and prices are very reasonable.


Bali Serenity Guesthouse (also known as Bali Villa Serenity), Canggu

Besides being a great place to stay due their continuous awareness of the environment this place is also very welcoming. The low key relaxed atmosphere attracts travelers who are seeking a great place to stay away from home. Various yoga trainings and daily yoga classes are held here.

Bali Serenity has different types of accommodations set in different buildings. The dorms (8 single rooms and 2 double rooms) are built with various recycled material. Rooms are private but you will be sharing the bathroom.

At the two other buildings all the rooms have their own private bathroom. The Villa YinYang has one floor with 4 bedrooms of which one is prefect for a family of 4. The Villa 1 Serenity which is mostly built from bamboo has 5 bedrooms, 3 on the ground floor and 2 on the second.

All rooms have their own character, style and color. There is a pool on the premises, great places to relax, a meditation room and a restaurant that serves local food prepared with ingredients from their permaculture garden. Additionally staff at Bali Serenity recycle everything they can and do not use chemicals throughout your stay.


Sananda Bungalows, Selat

In need for a quiet place? At Sananda Bungalows you will leave everything behind and enjoy the quietness, welcoming staff, great healthy food and the lush garden surrounding the bungalows.

Everything that you find at Sananda is based on social and ecological commitment. The Sananda Children Support ensures that at least 40 children from poor areas in Bali are able to attend school. Besides school fees children also receive uniforms, school material and transportation to enable them to attend the classes.

Additionally the owners of Sananda Bungalows aim to create awareness on waste disposal and recycling at schools and in villages while on their premises they conduct garbage separation, have established an organic garden, use solar panels, compost and 100% natural cleaning soap.

The Standard Bungalows are suitable for 2 people. If you are traveling with three adults or as a family of four with 2 children then you should go for the Superior Bungalow.


Bali Eco Village - Standard Room , Belok/Sidan

The first thing you will say when you see the Bali Eco Village is 'Wow', secondly it is far too expensive for a budget traveler. But surprisingly this beautiful village resort offers standard rooms for max 3 people at an amazing rate.

Besides having buildings made almost entirely from bamboo and using traditional craftsmanship this stunning resort has also taken every little aspect into much consideration. Local staffing, water and waste management, energy, natural and recycled materials for construction and land conservations are well thought of and applied in detail throughout the eco village.

Natural biodegradable products, offering support and their facilities to local people, using low water pressure showers, hydro electricity and durable items are the perfect example of ever little bit helps (considerably).


Villa Manuk, Between Mount Batur and Singaraja

Villa Manuk is tucked away in the mountains of Bali and is surrounded by gorgeous views and rice fields. There are two villa buildings at Villa Manuk. Both have a double room on the ground floor and one on the first floor. You can either book the entire villa or stay at one of the rooms.

Each room has a private terrace from where you can take in the wonderful surroundings. Their natural spring pool which is free of chemical and chlorine provides a refreshing swim while their restaurant is the ideal place to try out local ingredients as the owners aim to use products only grown nearby or from their organic garden.

Their Manuksesa Children Projects aims to provide children from the area a chance to go to school. Additionally Villa Manuk exchanges their knowledge and create possibilities for sustainable agriculture with the local farmers. Organizing seminars on waste and water management, gardening, permaculture are just a few examples of the activities they are involved in.


Bali Eco Adventure Resort, Tegelalang

Surrounded by jungle Bali Eco Adventure offers an adventurous 6 km hike through the jungle with stunning views of Petanu valley including visits to a cave, local village and plantations, rice fields and waterfalls. And you will even have the chance to plant your own tree!

The staff are committed to share all they know about the plants and fruits but will share the Balinese culture and life with you too. Other activities such as cycling and cooking courses will make your stay fun and educational at the same time.

Since it is located in the heart of Bali it is easy to explore the area by motorbike. What better way to finish your day of exploring then returning to your room in the jungle?

Bali Eco Adventure Resort has 'traditional houses' all built and decorated in their own style and come with a kitchen and a balcony or garden. Most of them are separate houses with 1 double room (one has facilities for 3 people) while one house has two bedrooms located in a two storey building. Ideal for families but if you are traveling as a couple you can book the rooms separately too.


Kali Manik - Grass Hut, Seririt

Budget travelers can easily travel in style and be eco-friendly at the same time, especially if you stay at places such as Kali Manik. They only have three incredibly classy bungalows on their large premises, of which the Grass Hut won't affect your holiday budget dramatically.

With such a small number of guests you will soon feel the exclusiveness of this place, especially if you realize that everything blends perfectly with its surroundings. While villagers continue doing their daily things you can head to their living compounds to join workshops given by the villagers themselves. Or go in the early morning with one of the fishermen for a trip along the coast while the island wakes up at sunrise.

This little piece of paradise is still unspoiled and with the efforts of the owners, staff and villagers it will hopefully remain like this.


Bali Mountain Retreat, Mount Batukaru

Located in the mountains of Batukaru far away from the normal life this retreat is probably the most characterful of the cheap hotels in Bali. The owners have skillfully transformed common Balinese buildings into great accommodation to stay in. The Rice Barn which the Balinese use for storing rice is transformed into an accommodation suitable for two, while the Bale Gede is normally a pavilion where villages come together and ceremonies are held but is now a comfortable place to sleep.

The Teak rooms are a mix of western and Asian styles. Except for the superior Teak room all rooms at the Bali Mountain Retreat have external amenities which are located 10 or 20 meters from the rooms.

As expected this retreat values it's beautiful location in the jungle. Therefore it takes active sustainable measures to maintain it and to spread the knowledge and awareness.

Guests can enjoy the beautiful surrounding by joining one of the hikes but if you just want to escape the crowd and relax then you are more then welcome to do this here too.


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