• Crystal clear water at Uluwatu Beach

    Surfers come to Uluwatu to tackle the highest waves of Bali. Not a surfer? You can still jump into the tropical water for a wonderful swim too.

  • Rice fields of Bali

    Travel through Bali and be amazed at the beautiful rice fields. From fresh green seedlings
    to yellow plants ready for harvest.

  • Temple Ulun Danu Bratan

    Visit temples at the most beautiful locations: perched on a cliff, located in sea, at a lake or
    right in the shadows of the mystical Mount Agung.

  • Colourful Baskets

    The Balinese are preparing religious offerings every day. Whether it is for the small daily offerings or for big temple ceremonies. Everywhere you will see women balancing
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Cheap Kuta Restaurants that you should try out...

Cheap Kuta restaurants serving delicious food for an incredible low price are mostly found in the tiny alleys that connect Poppies Kuta I and II with the larger streets such as Gang Ronta and in Pasar Agung (Agung Market).

Here small, simple looking restaurants are usually packed during lunch and dinner time

For instance besides Indonesian food such as Nasi Goreng and spring rolls, Gong Corner also serves sea food dishes such as chunky grilled fish kebabs.


warung in bali indonesian food
There's a large choice of restaurants where a nasi goreng is only USD0,70!


Basil Leaves restaurant has a large menu of Thai and Vietnamese food for a very low price. They serve chicken, beef and fish dishes that at first sight look small, but once you finish eating you are pretty much stuffed...

If your hostel does not serve breakfast, Restaurant PaMa is one of the only places that is already open at 7.00am.

But one of the best cheap restaurants and definitely my ultimate favorite is Masakan Indonesia located in Gang Ronta between Poppies I and Poppies II.

And from the looks of the crowd during lunch time I think I'm not the only one that loves this place. It is packed, so be early so you have enough choice and a seat to enjoy your lunch or dinner.


matt at a indonesian warung bali
Ready to enjoy real Indonesian food at one of the best cheap restaurants in Kuta


This restaurant is the place to experience the real Indonesian way of 'eating-out'. Throughout Indonesia you find this type of restaurants, so if you want to try the real thing head over to this place. 

There are some minor instructions on how it works though...

When you enter you can find a table and let someone bring you a menu where the usual delicious Indonesian dishes are listed. 


You can immediately head to the back of the restaurant where you will see a large display of dozens of Indonesian dishes ranging from meat, chicken and fish dishes, to vegetarian tofu or tempe dishes and of course vegetable dishes smothered in rich coconut gravy.

Trust me, it looks all super delicious and you'll have the urge to want to try everything.


indonesian food at warung in bali
Difficult choice with so many dishes to choose from...


But this is how it works: first someone behind the counter will scoop a spoon of rice on your plate. Then it is up to you to point out which dishes you want to have your rice with. 

You can choose whatever you want. Dishes which you have tried before, but also dishes that you might not have ordered from a menu but when seeing it, you can't resist to try it out.  

The person behind the counter will take a spoon of everything you point at and before you know it you have this colorful plate full of fabulous goodies.


indonesian food kuta restaurants
We always end up with empty plates...


And the great part of this whole Indonesian concept is that you only pay for each side-dish. The meat dishes are of course more expensive then the vegetable dishes. So the final price for your meal depends on you and what you choose. 

At Masakan Indonesia you can easily fill up your plate and only pay around Rp. 20.000 (around 2 USD). But believe me, you will be stuffed at the end. If you are a vegetarian then your meal will be even cheaper.

This is one of the cheap restaurants you can practically go to everyday and try something new every time. There are just so many dishes to choose from. It's terrific and in mine opinion a must to try out at least once when you visit Bali.

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