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Cheap Ubud Restaurants that serve mouth-watering Indonesian food...

We have found good and cheap Ubud restaurants that serve food and drinks at really reasonable prices. Most of them serve Indonesian food, while some have added other surprising touches to their menu. 

Lada Warung

The first of the cheap Ubud restaurants where we always have delicious Indonesian food is Lada Warung located at the very north of Jalan Hanoman. Here you can find real Indonesian food served in an authentic way.


matt at warung lada ubud restaurant
Warung Lada is found in a beautiful building along Jalan Hanoman

You can either take a seat and somebody will bring you the menu in which you can find all the drinks and food they serve or you can head to the back of the restaurant where you will see all the dishes displayed.

If you love Indonesian food then your stomach will be rumbling by now....

All you need to do now is to point at your favorite dishes or the ones you want to try and the staff behind the counter will serve it on a plate together with white or red rice. This way of serving food is very typical in Indonesia and can be found throughout the country.


warung lada cheap ubud restaurants dishes
The best time to go is on an empty stomach so you can try as much as possible ;-)

Warung Lada has a large selection of tuna, chicken, eggplant, tofu and tempe dishes, vegetables and many more. Just fill your plate up...

Don't feel embarrassed if your plate is piled up with all kinds of dishes. At the end you pay for each individual serving. If you are a vegetarian you will pay far less then those who love eating meat as meat is far more expensive.

If you feel like having a second serving just head back to the counter. Somehow the staff at Warung Lada can keep track on exactly what you've been eating...


second floor warung lada ubud restaurant
Besides the food the interior is also tasteful


Make sure you do glance at their menu as they have a large variety of juice mixes and real Indonesian dessert such as black rice pudding. Yummy!!

If you feel like having something different then you can also order Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng (fried noodles) or Soto ayam. This is an Indonesian yellow-coloured soup served with boiled chicken and vegetables.

Warung Lada is one of the cheap Ubud restaurants options. The juices are often half the price of other restaurants and at the end you often only pay around Rp 35.000 for your meal while you roll out of their restaurant with a very full stomach.

A lot of people seem to know this place and especially during lunch it can get pretty full here.

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Dewi Warung

Besides food at some cheap Ubud restaurants you might even make friends or share travel stories when having lunch or dinner. Such is the case at Dewi Warung a tiny restaurants that serves cheap food to a large crowd.


matt at warung dewi cheap ubud restaurants
Cheap Ubud Restaurants that serve delicious food at a surprising low price...


Since it is pretty small at Dewi Warung people just sit together at the big tables to enjoy their food. If you want you can chat with others at your table but if you just want to enjoy the cheap yet delicious Indonesian food then that is ok too.

Like many 'warungs' this one serves the usual Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Chap Chai etc. But when we were there we chose the delicious sayur lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk) chicken satay and tofu satay.


monico at dewi warung cheap ubud restaurants
Dessert is delicious too, banana with rice cake in coconut milk....Try it!


Drinks are of course far cheaper then the usual restaurants making Dewi Warung ideal for those traveling on a tight budget. Even travelers who can eat at the nice restaurants along Jalan Monkey Forest Road it is a great change of scenery to have lunch here too.

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Warung Igelanca

Another cheap Ubud restaurants option is to grab a bite at Warung Igelanca. This bright orange restaurant is located on Jalan Raya Ubud, in front of the Neka Gallery.

If you are looking for Indonesian food, this is the place to go to.

Besides the famous Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng (fried noodles) and Gado Gado (steamed vegetables with peanut sauce) they have other choices as well such as vegetables in curry, ginger and oyster sauce.


warung igelanca ubud bali
Warung Igelanca


All the dishes come with a variety of meats but they also serve vegetarian dishes. If you order food, you will get a cup of hot tea on the house.

For desert they have two types of cakes; chocolate mousse and lemon-cheesecake.

I went for the second choice because I am pretty much a cheese-cake freak. And just my luck, it was one of the best I tasted in Ubud...

Warung Igelanca also mentions that they use Non-MSG and that their food is reasonable priced. Well the last thing is for sure... This is one of the cheapest restaurants in Ubud with food ranging from Rp.15.000 till Rp.35.000. 

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Warung Little India

On Jalan Sukma 36 near the famous Jazz cafe you have warung Little India.

Here we ended up ordering the today's specials: wonderful Indian food that will have you come back for more. 

The Indian bread is served together with little bowls in which you can dip your pieces of naan. There are enough choices of Indian vegetarian dishes, but they also have the famous chicken masala and chicken tandoori. 


cheap ubud restaurants warung little india


Other dishes that are on the menu are of course the Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, Soto Ayam and Nasi Campur (rice with small servings on the side). 

But if you feel more like Thai food, you are in luck here as well. There is choice of Tum Yam Kung, Thai Coconut Curry and Pad Thai. 

Considering the price, this restaurant is not on top of the cheap Ubud restaurants list. However, for just Rp. 45.000 - Rp. 55.000 you can expect a delicious lunch or dinner here and for the Indonesian dishes even less ;-)

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Warung Indotopia Vietnamese & Indonesian food

Jalan Sukma seems to be a upcoming street in town. From our experience when many cheap Ubud restaurants start to pop up in a certain area it will soon attract a crowd.

The same for Warung Indotopia which is located along Jalan Sukma. At this warung they serve not only famous Indonesian dishes but also authentic Vietnamese delights. Here you can eat various types of Vietnamese noodles including pho, gobble up a bon bo xao (beef noodle salad) bite into a crispy springroll and sip a cafe sua da.


warung indotopia ubud restaurants
Cheap Ubud restaurants offer besides good food also a nice place to sit a bit longer...

Some dishes have a touch of Indonesian as well making it an unique experience when eating here.

And besides its nice interior, friendly staff and great food the price is really attractive. While the portions are big you still might find yourself glancing at the menu again looking for something else tasty such as dessert.

Many dishes have meat such as beef in it. But Indotopia has many vegetarian varieties as well so everybody will soon have their favorite dish here and will returning more then once. On top of that they do not use any MSG or other additives to enhance the taste of their food. The food you taste here is as it is suppose to be...

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