• Temple Statues

    If you visit a temple in Bali make sure you take your time and admire the statues created
    by skillful craftsmen.

  • Colorful flowers

    If you love flowers the you will have a wonderful time in Bali. Flowers are literally
    found everywhere in all kinds of colors and sizes.

  • Stunning sunrise at Lovina Beach

    Waking up early feels wrong when you are on a holiday. But if you are in Lovina you
    must at least try. You will be awarded with an amazing sunrise.

  • Tropical Fruit

    Forget apples, oranges and pears. Go for the delicious and juicy tropical fruit such
    as rambutan, mangosteen, pineapple and, for those who feel adventures, durian

The exceptional view and service at Damai Lovina Villas...

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The secluded and luxurious Damai Lovina Villas is located on the slopes of a mountain with an astonishing view over the mountain range on one side and the ocean on the other.

Their slogan is 'Hard to find, hard to Leave' and that’s exactly what it is. I had to ask a couple of little kids where I could find the villas.

They told me to follow a small road up the mountain until I was able to reach this quiet green oasis 10 minutes from Lovina beach.


entrance to damai villa complex
Entrance to the villas


From the first moment you arrive at this luxury hotel you feel at home. The staff is extremely service minded and is happy to help you with whatever you need.

The very friendly Miss Evy at the reception can arrange anything you want such as day tours, snorkeling, transport and even babysitting.

When I was there the staff at the reception were all busy taking care of one of the guests’ baby.

The staff seemed to have the time of their life and couldn't get enough of the baby. Meanwhile the parents were relaxing at the pool. That is was parents need on their holiday, right?

pool at damai villa lovina
Did I say too much...?

The pool looks small but with only 8 villas (actually bungalows) is big enough. It’s a great place to relax on the sun deck reading a book, watching the view or drinking one of the hotels famous mojiteas cocktails.

It is said that the restaurant is one of the best on Bali and that even people travel all the way up from Kuta or Sanur to try out one of the famous dishes.

It’s featured in several magazines and cookbooks. The restaurant’s chef is the Balinese Ketut Tangkas and he uses only organic produce from their own gardens and spices from the fields next to the hotel.

restaurant at damai villa lovina
The famous restaurant with panoramic views...


You can dine in the restaurant or next to the pool, it’s up to you...

Damai has only 8 'villas' with antique furniture, wireless internet, outdoor bathrooms and some even have private Jacuzzi.


garden damai villas lovina
Private gazebos for some more quality time...


view from damai villa lovina
The best vistas in Lovina...


They are all set in a beautiful garden but the most striking thing remains the whole setting, the exceptional view at the ocean combined with the view at the mountain range...

The hotel also has a spa where two masseurs treat you like royalty. You can have several soothing massages at your villa or in the open-air pavilion with a view on the rice fields below.

There are only two masseurs so book in advance.

Damai Villas is really a fantastic place to spend a couple of days on your travels through Bali.


view from damai villa lovina
The best vistas in Lovina...


This Bali accomodation is an idyllic place, quiet and peaceful and has the best vistas in Lovina. Fortunately it is so remote that the pushy Lovina vendors will not bother you with dolphin tours or souvenirs.

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