• Alone at Dreamland

    Dreamland beach can get pretty crowded. So if you want to experience the beach all to
    yourself, visit it early in the morning when everybody is still sleeping...

  • Rice terraces

    When traveling in Bali it is almost a must to witness one of the many gorgeous rice
    terraces of Bali. Head to the east, central or west of the island...

  • Grocery at your doorstep

    The Balinese don't always have to head out to get their groceries. Some areas have their
    regular greengrocer that drives by every day

  • Need a sarong?

    The sarong is probably the number one item for sale along the beach. Women carry large
    piles of them and sell them to the sunbathers. If you want an even more choice, head
    to the shops.

The Story Behind Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland beach, located at the south of the Bukit (as the Balinese call this area) used to be one of the most pristine beaches on the island, where together with a handful of locals you were the only ones riding the waves or walking down the beach. Nowadays it's called New Kuta Beach and it has changed dramatically.

So what happened to this once amazing place?


surfing at dreamland beach
Despite the changes, this beach understandably still attract a crowd


Great place for surfers and nudist

Like many beaches on Bali, this beach was discovered by Australian surfers who just needed great waves, basic accommodation and simple food such as BBQ's. They called it Dreamland beach because of its white sandy sand, limestone cliffs, great surfing waves and stunning sunset. Occasionally nudists came here because you could easily hide behind the many small cliffs and have a small strip of beach to yourself.

You can still surf here with some short right handers, some longer lefts and if you're lucky you'll find yourself in one of the barrels.

Bought by Tommy Suharto

During the 80's this beach area came under the attention of Tommy Suharto (official name Hutomo Mandala Putra), the youngest son of Suharto who was the President of Indonesia. He wanted the entire Dreamland area and also the Nusa Dua area to be controlled by him through his company PT Bali Pecatu Graha and used the Indonesian army to evict all locals who opposed him.

With intimidation he could buy their land at a cheap price and now the Nusa Dua land is leased to hotels such as the Westin Resort, the Laguna Resort, the St.Regis, the Nikko Bali resort and the list goes on and on. The same soon started to happen at Dreamland too.


entrance to dreamland beachA huge statue welcomes you at the entrance of
the formerly known 'Dreamland Beach'


Financial crisis hits Dreamland

In the 90's Tommy Suharto had big plans of changing Dreamland beach area into a golf course with villas and a hotel but then the Asian financial crisis put a hold on his ideas.

In 2002 Tommy Suharto was convicted of ordering the killing of Supreme Court Judge of Indonesia, Syafiuddin Kartasasmita and was sentenced to 15 years in jail of which he only had to sit 4 years.

The hottest golf course on Bali

After release from jail the construction of the area started with the building of a 4 km long road all the way down to the beach. The little warungs (Indonesian styled restaurants) and massage ladies were closed down only to be replaced by an ugly concrete building containing shops and other overpriced restaurants.


dreamland beach hotelsLuxury resorts and villas are being built on the remaining open spaces


Subsequently they started to build the 18-hole golf course, which is the hottest golf course on the island as you will have a hard time finding trees. A desalination pipe which leads into the surf at Dreamland brings water to the golf course to keep it green.

Not only the New Kuta golf course but also the New Kuta 'Green' Waterpark for kids, an ugly Jakarta-stye condominium, luxury villas, flashy restaurant, a club and the Pecatu Indah Resort are looming over what was once one of the best beaches on Bali.

The name was changed to New Kuta Beach in order for PT Bali Pecatu Indah to put their stamp on the place.


restaurants along dreamland beachUgly construction has ruined the look of Dreamland beach


So is it still worth going?

Not if you've been there before. The change would be too shocking and would ruin your good memories of the beach. For those loving to surf you can still go out to the reef and have good time and occasionally you can jump into the turquoise waters and have a swim but the laid-back atmosphere has changed forever. There are better and cooler beaches such as Balangan, the famous surfing point at Uluwatu and Niang Niang beach.

Now Dreamland only attracts travellers from Java island, Indonesian celebrities from Jakarta and other types who shoot their commercials with the sea as their background.

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