• Tropical beaches

    Bali has all kinds of beaches, some more popular then others. Padang Padang is getting
    quit busy these days but luckily the relaxed atmosphere remains the same.

  • Warungs at Sanur Beach

    The great thing about Sanur beach is that there is a mixture of local and tourist activities.
    Right next to the big beach resorts you can still find little local shops.

  • Village Hamlets around Ubud

    While the heart of Ubud struggles with traffic jams, the village hamlets around this
    cultural village are still pretty quiet, such as Nyukuning.

  • Rice Farmer

    If you travel around the island you will see many people working in the rice fields. Some
    in groups while the smaller fields are taken care of by one farmer only.

International or domestic flights to Bali - Endless possibilities.

There are many flights to Bali Ngurah Rai Airport (Denpasar, code DPS) leaving from the major airports in the world. Depending where you're coming from it can take just a couple of hours or a tour around the world before you can enjoy your vacation on this tropical island. The

I have flown with Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, KLM, China Airlines and Malaysian Airways and I'm mostly impressed with the Asian airlines.

They had the latest on-demand in flight entertainment and the service was fantastic. Nonetheless some of the flights seem to take forever before I arrived in Bali.


flights to bali aerial pic airport
Aerial photo of Ngurah Rai International Bali Airport runway


Here I have outlined the quickest and fastest flights from the Europe, Australia and the USA so you don't have to hang in the sky or around airports too long. If time isn't of importance but money is then you are likely to find cheap international flights to Bali by traveling in the low season or going for a longer travel time, which means longer transit time.

Flights From Europe

Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Europe to Bali. If you’re coming from Amsterdam the fastest option for you is to take KLM with a short stop in Singapore before flying with the same aircraft to Denpasar. Flight time is 16 hours and 15 minutes.

The second fastest option is with China Airlines to Bangkok and change here on the Thai Airways flight to Denpasar. This flight takes 16 hours and 35 minutes.

The second quickest option is to fly with KLM to Singapore and change on a Singapore Airlines or Garuda Indonesia flight to Denpasar. Total flight time here is 17 hours.

You can also take KLM or their code-sharing partner Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur and then transfer here on one of the many Malaysia Airlines heading for Bali. Total flight time is approximately 17 h 50 minutes.


flights to bali klia
We don't mind a stopover at KLIA, it gives us the chance to eat delicious Malaysian food


Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA) is a huge airport with a lot of facilities. If you have some time to spare try to catch the train to downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Even though KLIA is far out of Kuala Lumpur there's the 'KLIA Ekspres' train that can take you within 30 minutes to Kuala Lumpur central for 70 Malaysia Ringgits return (around 14 Euro's).

When you fly from London Heathrow to Bali with Singapore Airlines, British Airways or their code-sharing partner Qantas you will transit at Changi Airport Singapore where you will continue your last flight to Bali with Singapore Airlines or Garuda Indonesia. The fastest flight time on the LHR-Bali route is 16 h and 30 minutes.

Changi Airport is a comfortable airport with many great facilities such as computer desks with free internet (also free wireless when you bring your laptop), numerous tax-free shops and enough coffee bars to kill some time before your next flight to Bali.

When you have more than a couple of hours to spend, hop on one of the buses, taxi's or MRT trains to downtown Singapore. They are cheap and since Singapore is so small you'll be there in no-time.


singapore airport to bali
Enough flights from Singapore to Bali


An other great option from London Heathrow is Malaysia Airlines, who has two flights daily to Kuala Lumpur with the huge Airbus380. This so called Kangaroo flight takes large number of passengers who transit in Kuala Lumpur for flights to Australia and New Zealand.

As for us there is a great connection to Bali too. Do make sure to get the 12 o'clock flight so you will only have to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes for your next flight to Bali. If you take the late flight you will have to spend a night in Kuala Lumpur. Which is not too bad and as mentioned before you can reach the city quite easily from KLIA airport. From Kuala Lumpur there are dozen of flights leaving for Bali.

Towards the end of 2013 there will be a new Kangaroo route. Garuda Indonesia will be flying between London and Jakarta creating an ideal way to travel from the U.K. to Australia. Or for people like us: London to Bali of course...

bali international airport
Bali International Airport. Will have a totally new look by end 2013!

Now Garuda Indonesia is aiming to take advantage of this popular route to the East. But instead of departing from London Heathrow it will have 6 flights a week leaving from London Gatwick. Ideal, considering London Heathrow is pretty much congested most of the time. Plus the airport tax in Gatwick is likely to be far lower, saving you money on your airfare.

So if you are living in Europe and are looking a flight to Bali for the end of 2013 then Garuda is a great option with a transit in Jakarta.

Even though it's not the quickest route from LHR a friend of mine swears by Cathay Pacific from Europe and loves to transit at Hong Kong before he continues his flight to Bali.

The best option to take from Frankfurt am Main airport is to fly with Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines to Singapore with a connecting flight to Bali. This will take 16 h 20 minutes.


domestic arrival bali airport
Welcome to Bali!


For flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle it’s the same; take Singapore Airlines and it will save you lots of time. Or you can go for Malaysian Airlines, which usually have good deals. Make sure you book the correct connection flights and fly only 17 hours and 5 minutes instead of 23 hours and 50 minutes.

Flights From Australia

When you're leaving from Australia to Bali there are a couple of airlines with that have non-stop flights straight to Bali. Jetstar and Virgin Australia are two airlines that fly from the majority Australian cities directly to Bali and they also offer the best deals.

The closest Australian city to Bali is Darwin with flights operated by Virgin Australia and Jetstar. These flights take around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

From Perth there are enough direct flights with Air Asia and Jetstar usually offering cheap flights to Bali. Other airlines are VirginAustralia, Garuda Indonesia, Qantas and Singapore Airlines. The latter two only sell expensive tickets to Bali but if you are a frequent flyer you might want to consider taking them. Flight time is more or less 3 hours and 35 minutes.


welcome to bali airport


From Melbourne there are only a few direct flights to choose from. One is the new Garuda route, while Jetstar, Virgin Australia and the expensive Qantas has a few direct flights too. Qantas is again an option if you want to travel more comfortably. Flying time from Melbourne to Bali is 6h and 10 minutes.

However the majority of the flights heading to Bali include one stop. For Garuda it is Jakarta, while Virgin Australia will fly you to Sydney and Jetstar to Darwin first where you have to wait a couple of hours for the last stretch of the trip to Bali.

From Sydney there are also direct flights operated by Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Garuda Indonesia. The fastest flying time is 6 h 25 minutes.


lion air domestic flights to bali
Flying with Lion Air. Boarding domestic flights at Bali Airport often
involves crossing the platform first...


Flights from the USA

From the USA there are a couple of choices but again no direct flights. From Los Angeles the quickest option is to take Singapore Airlines to Singapore and then transfer on Garuda Indonesia for the last stretch to Bali. All in all this will take you 21 hours and 35 minutes.

When you depart from San Francisco your fastest option would be to fly through Taipei with Delta Airlines (operated by China Airlines) and then take China Airlines to Bali. This flight will take approximately 21 hours.

When you fly from New York to Bali your fastest route is to fly to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific or American Airlines and then transfer on a flight with Hong Kong Express Airways to Bali. This 'fast' option will take around 22h 15 minutes.

If you don't mind about time then another fly-around-the-world option is to fly from New York to Sydney and then take the last stretch to Denpasar with Garuda Indonesia but this option takes around 30 hours.


indonesia visa flights to bali
Arranging visa upon arrival at Bali airport


Before you can put your feet on one of the many beautiful Bali beaches or settle at your comfortable accommodation, don't forget to buy a tourist Indonesia visa upon arrival.

Domestic airlines -- There are loads of cheap flights from Jakarta and other smaller Indonesian cities directly to Bali.

There is a choice of various domestic airlines that change their names as fast as you change your underwear.

The only two airlines my girlfriend and I like to take are AirAsia and Lion Air with a young fleet of aircrafts, cheap prices and good safety records. Lion Air did have a accident in 2013 at Bali Airport, but we flew with them after that too.

The best thing is that you can easily book the airline tickets online, which makes it very convenient when you're not in Indonesia yet. From our experience waiting to buy last minute doesn't guarantee a cheap tickets. Often the cheap tickets are sold first and you are left with the expensive ones.


matt boarding air asia bali
Going home with Air Asia...


During the Christmas high season we paid around IDR 900.000 one-way Bali-Jakarta, which is around 70 Euro's or 90 USD. In the low-season flights with AirAsia or Lion Air are much cheaper.

We often pay around 50 Euro's/70 USD. Pretty cheap for a two-hour flight right? ;-)

Garuda Indonesia has recently increased the number of its routes including domestic flights. It may not be the cheapest flight option within Indonesia, but it is a great option if you combine it with other tickets. Garuda is also planning to start a route to Bali from Balikpapan, Bandung and Manado. An ideal option to explore Bali and other Indonesian islands in one holiday.

For useful and important information about arriving at the airport or staying at nearby hotels so you can catch an early morning flight, check our page on Ngurah Airport.


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