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Taking it easy at Gardenia Sanur

We found Gardenia Sanur just before we were planning to take the taxi to the airport for a flight back home. We soon agreed that we would definitely be heading back there once we were back in Sanur (which we by now have done several times ;-)

We passed Gardenia a couple of times during our stay in Sanur and we were tempted to stop and try it out. But somehow we always had other things planned.

But I'm sure when you see the place you would want to stop too. It looks really nice.

Once you glance at the menu you will soon realize that it isn't an organic restaurant and yes, they even serve western dishes. But somehow this place is too charming to ignore. That said, they luckily serve homemade food only which we love...


gardenia coffeeshop sanur


Gardenia is a coffee shop, so they don't have an extensive menu. Instead you can have breakfast there all day. If you feel really hungry you can try out their Bali Big Breakfast which is bacon, egg, tomato, mushroom and baked beans served with toast. Other lighter choices are home made muesli, croissant, toast and pancake.

The last one I had for dessert and all I can say is: delicious! That is also one of the main reasons why we couldn't resist adding this place to our travel site.

Other great choices are sandwiches and baguettes and for those who want something larger they serve fish dishes, spaghetti and several Asian dishes too.


matt at gardenia coffeeshop sanur
Enjoying lunch...


And of course, as expected from any coffee shop, you will find on the other side of the menu their selection of hot and cold drinks and sweet and ice-cream delights.

While we were enjoying our lunch on their terrace we suddenly came to a surprising discovery.

Our favorite places to sit and have an amazing iced chocolate in Sanur has always been Spirit Cafe. We were planning to go there again on this trip but when we were searching for it we heard that it had closed down.

So while I was wondering around Gardenia and checking out their cake display I saw in the corner the sign of Spirit Cafe. The staff told me that the owner of Spirit Cafe had closed the cafe and started the Gardenia Coffee shop.

What a big surprise!


iced chocolate gardenia coffeeshop sanur
It's hard to say no to their iced chocolate and pancake...


I immediately asked if they still made the delicious iced chocolate. And they did...

The iced chocolate tasted just as good as at the Spirit Cafe.

So as you can imagine Gardenia is definitely going to be one of my favorite places to relax whenever I'm in town. Hope to see you there...

Gardenia is located in walking distance of the main entrance of the Mercure Resort Sanur.

Jalan Merta Sari 2
Tel: +62 361 286301

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