• Tanah Lot Temple

    The most photographed temple in Bali. This comes as no surprise considering the changes
    of the tides and amazing sunsets makes this temple change every time you see it.

  • THE White Beach of Bali

    Pasir Putih means white sand and when you visit this beach you will soon realize that it
    must have been pretty easy to give it its current name.

  • Dance Performances

    Every evening you have the opportunity to watch a beautiful and professional dance
    performance in Ubud.

  • Rice Field Valley

    This is probably one of the best places to take a picture of the typical Bali rice fields.
    Find it just before you arrive at Amed from the north.

Stay at these Mid-Range Eco Hotels in Bali for an Unforgettable Experience...

These mid-range eco hotels in Bali offer the perfect possibility to enjoy an environmentally friendly holiday without spending too much. Nature lovers and culture seekers will feel totally at home as these wonderful accommodations are surrounded by forests, plantations and/or rice fields.


Sarinbuana, Mount Batukaru

This eco lodge is probably the most well known environmental friendly place in Bali. With their background in environmental studies and organic farming the owners of Sarinbuana have not only implemented their experiences and knowledge into their lodge but have organized studies in order to share their skills.

Responsible tourism and sustainability are the key factors of Sarinbuana where community involvement is continuously implemented through tourism activities, workshops and village support.

The beautiful bungalows are set within the lush organic garden and tropical forest. They are built from local timber or bamboo and blend perfectly with their surroundings. Several bungalows have enough space for 2 to 5 people while others are perfect for 2 (plus a young child). A minimum of two nights stay is required.

The main activities at this eco lodge are hiking, cycling, yoga, massage and cultural workshops such as carving, cooking, traditional medicine etc. Children can join in almost all activities. If you want to learn more about permaculture and sustainability then you can apply for it here too.


Bali Eco Village, Belok/Sidan

This stunning eco resort offers amazing family bungalows that are solely built from bamboo and recycled timber. The creativity and input of local craftsmanship have resulted in a beautiful natural interior. The architectural design is just one of the few reasons you want to stay here. It might be called a family bungalow but if you are with just two people you can book the entire place too.

The Bali Eco Village continuously aims to apply responsible and sustainable tourism. With their hydro power system and the use of local products this eco village is heading towards being self sustainable. By giving back to the local community and providing knowledge on eco friendly practices Bali Eco Village hopes to conserve the natural environment of Bali.

Not surprisingly other steps are taken to ensure their goal such as creating an organic garden, applying water and waste management, using natural cleaning products and land conservation.

The beautiful location of Bali Eco Village makes it ideal to go out and enjoy mother nature to the fullest. Activities such as hiking, cycling, rafting, organic farming and swimming in rivers are easily organized.


Villa Pererepan, Melayang Nearby Ubud

The Eco Villa Pererepan is surrounded by jungle and gardens, making it an ideal escape for those who love to be stay near lush green tropical vegetations, hear the sounds of birds, see fire flies and meet an occasional gecko.

The villa is built to blend in with its natural surroundings and more importantly to minimize its impact to the environment. Natural materials, such as bamboo is used for the construction and even in the linen and towels. The position of the villa and its windows are built so you can take full advantage of the natural breeze, eliminating the need for air conditioning.


villa pererepan ubud bali


Natural organic soap is provided while bio-cycle septic system recycles waste water, which is used in their garden. Additionally electricity is produced by solar cells and through a Pelton wheel by the river.

From the villa you can easily reach the nearby river for a swim or walk through the traditional village of Malayang.

We were curious to know more about the this eco villa and who the owners are. Ann Schioldann has been so kind to answer our questions.


The Bloo Lagoon, Padangbai

This villa complex is located on the cliffs of the Bloo Lagoon Beach in Padangbai. They call themselves the international village where visitors and hosts exchange knowledge and skills. Whether it is in the form of cultural knowledge, art, technology or just getting to know each other.


bloo lagoon eco bali hotels padangbai


The mutual benefits of this exchange is also put into place with the local people. Activities are organized to stimulate and preserve their culture and to learn from it. Additionally the Bloo Lagoon is committed in preserving the environment by consciously implementing plans and activities that do not affect the surroundings negatively.

The Bloo Lagoon Village Hotel has various types of villas and is ideal for couples and families. The villas are all unique, equipped with a kitchen, are semi open and are built in order to take full use use of the refreshing natural breeze from the ocean.


villa at bloo lagoon padangbai bali


Munduk Moding Plantation 1-bedroom villa & Garden suite, Gobleg

The Munduk Moding Plantation has created a secluded world of its own. Their villas and suites are scattered around a large plantation where they cultivate organic coffee, vegetables and fruit.


munduk moding plantation infinity pool


The private villas have beautiful views of green landscapes as far as the eye can see and the total silence is welcoming, just as the occasional sounds of the birds.

At the main building you have the small restaurant where most of the ingredients are taken from the garden. Here you can also find the gorgeous infinity pool. It can be chilly here sometimes but even that won't prevent you from jumping in.


one bedroom villa munduk moding plantation bali


The Munduk Moding Plantation wants to show that lessons must be learnt from the negative impacts of mass tourism taking place in south Bali and that sustainable tourism is the way forward. They support local people by offering jobs in the hotel, stimulate organic coffee practices and by providing a network for direct sale of the coffee beans to wholesalers.


Puri Lumbung Cottages - Standard Cottage, Munduk

Once an old rice barn, now a characterful cottage for two. The accommodations at Puri Lumbung offer the perfect picture of being in Bali: sleeping in a renovated rice barn with view of the rice terraces and mountains.


puri lumbung cottages eco tourism munduk


Puri Lumbung Cottages Bali realizes the importance of maintaining the beauty of the area and for years has incorporated sustainable tourism. The villagers of Munduk are involved in tourist activities and are employed at Puri Lumbung or at hotels and home stays under the same management, such as Meme Surung.

To fully appreciate Munduk make sure you go on one of their guided treks through rice paddies, plantations and along numerous waterfalls.


puri lumbung cottages eco bali hotels munduk


Kali Manik, Seririt

Kali Manik is an eco hotel in a league of its own. It is small scale resort with just 3 bungalows, is located on the beach in North Bali in the middle of nowhere (we mean this positively). Their buildings are built by local villagers and only natural materials are used for the construction and the interior decoration. Organized activities take place in the nearby villages and all profits go to the villagers while delicious food and drinks are prepared with ingredients from their organic garden and water and waste management is implemented.

Not only is this all very impressive and a wonderful example for other accommodaiton on Bali, but an other inspiring fact is that the friendly hosts share their knowledge and skills with the local people in order for them to remain sustainable too. Hopefully knowledge gained by everybody who took part in creating this eco paradise will be applied in future jobs and homes

Kali Manik is a wonderful place to escape. Here you can enjoy numerous activities such as going fishing with local fishermen, basket weaving, offering making etc.


Gili Eco Villas, Gili Trawangan

The Gilis have been popular for years and its fragile eco system has been struggling due to the current developments. Water levels have dropped and every day fresh water is brought from Lombok by local boats. Luckily there are some positive signs of eco initiatives.


eco gili villas indonesia


The Gili Eco Villas have built seven villas just a stone throw away from the white beach. Electricity is created through solar panels and wind, except for the air conditioning and pool pump. Their classy white-wash villas are built with recycled teak wood and nicely decorated with furniture made from natural products. Additionally the Gili Eco Villas have created an organic garden and recycle organic waste and water.

The Eco Villa supports the Bio Rock system which is located at the beach. This system stimulates coral re-growth which eventually attracts more sea life and prevents beach erosion.


bali hotels eco gili villas pool


They also participate in teaching local children English and drawing at a local school and nursery. If you want you can join them too. An other great thing that Eco Villas can arrange for you is helping out at the turtle nursery on the island.

It is quite a surprise that there are not many accommodations on the Gilis that show similar initiatives as these villas considering the fragile eco system of the islands. Hopefully others will realize that change is crucial and will also start implementing sustainable tourism in the near future.


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