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Food prepared with love at Ibu Rai Restaurant

Ibu Rai Restaurant is located on Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud near the big football field. In the evenings the restaurant is charmingly lit and it is almost always packed with people...

So finally, we decided to have dinner here too. I'm glad we did, because it was a very surprising treat.

As soon as we opened the menu we immediately saw a picture of a beautiful old lady and we started to read her story.


ibu rai restuarant ubud bali
Ibu Rai by night...


The story tells you the history of the restaurant and how the beautiful lady on the picture, Ibu Rai managed to fullfill her dream.

When her husband died she was determined that her 6 children would have the chance for education and finally a good job.

So with her savings she opened small foodstall and sold food to travellers who started to visit Bali in the 1960s.

She became known for her good food which was safe for foreigners to eat. Travel books recommended her as well. At the end she was able to fullfill her dream when 4 of her children graduated from the University.

In the last years of her life she exchanged her foodstall for a little shop. Now her grandson has opened this current restaurant and named it after his amazing grandmother, Ibu Rai.

matt at ibu rai restaurant ubud bali
A sip before the big treat...


And from the look and taste of the food, her grandson has been able to maintain the high quality of the food which until today still attracts many people...

The menu is pretty extensive and has a large selection of Western, Asian and of Indonesian food. Thei restaurants ensures its customers that no MSG is used in the food and that only fresh ingredients are used.

monico at ibu rai restaurant bali


Not only does the food sound good at Ibu Rai, once you see it served on your plate you will be dazzled.

The dishes are served as if it's ready for a picture in a magazine on top cuisine. We were really surprised when the dishes arrived at our table.

Check out this picture of the grilled mixed seafood...need I say more?


foot at ibu rai restaurant ubud bali


The traditional dressed staff were also very attentive and stood by our table the minute we wanted to order something else.

We had a great time at this restaurant and it is no wonder that it is always busy....

Jalan Monkey Forest Road 72
Tel: (+62 361) 973472

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