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Full use of nature's finest at Idas Homestay in Candidasa....

We accidentally found this gem when we were passing through Candi dasa. Idas homestay is hidden behind a large gray wall and only through the sign did we decide to stop and have a look inside.

The place is really wonderful and it's the best budget accommodation in Bali that we have seen un till now.

When you pass the open pavilion that serves as the reception there are several paths leading to separate bungalows.


ida's homestay palm tree bungalows in candidasa bali


The setting is just amazing. All the bungalows face a field covered with tall palm and flower trees and when you cross this little field you end up right at the sea.

The homestay has different types of bungalows to choose from. Some are specially made for single travellers while others are much larger and ideal for families or groups of three to four people.


stunning ocean view at ida's homestay


The owners have really created a stunning place. It is really clean and the simplicity of the bungalow will immediately make you feel at home.

Everything is also built from natural materials. The structure of the building is from wood, the roof from straw and the walls from plated grass.


ida's bungalow for max three people
Ida's accomodation for max. 3 people


The curtains are also made from plated grass and you can just slide it in front of your window. Inside, the wooden bed with its white sheets and white mosquito net give a refreshing sight...

The bathroom is a semi open air bathroom, so while you are splashing about you can glance up and see the palm tree right next to you.

A small detail that I think is remarkable are the locks of the windows which are entirely made out of wood, just as the bolts and wheels of the chairs. 

There is absolutely no 'modern' type of material used in the building or furniture, except for the door screws, light bulbs and bathroom facilities of course.


everything hand-made and no modern type of material used


ida's family bungalow
The family bungalow, with the master bedroom onthe second floor

Crossing the small field in front of the bungalows, you will end up at a wooden plateau where you can relax and enjoy the panoramic views.

The owners of the homestay have created a really nice seating area here. They have placed chairs, benches, beds and tables from where you can spend the whole day.

There is even a small bale (pavilion) where you can climb up some small stairs to have an even better view. Great for children to play around...


sea view at idas homestay candidasa
The sea at Idas at high tide

stunning views from idas homestay
Terrific place to relax near the sea at Idas Homestay


We were really surprised about the quality and uniqueness of this homestay. It is a really great place for families and couples to stay a couple of days when visiting Candi dasa.

You can find this gem on Jalan Raya Candi dasa or by calling +62 (0)363 41096.

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