• Fish Market at Jimbaran

    Jimbaran is not only famous for its luxury resorts located right at the beach but also
    for its fish market, where local fishermen sell their daily catch.

  • Offerings for the gods

    Everywhere in Bali you will find little yet beautiful offerings which are prepared every
    day for the gods. Such as these on the beach.

  • The famous beach of Jimbaran

    Many travelers come to Jimbaran to loose the crowd. Despite being located nearby Kuta
    and Seminyak, this beach has remained quiet and clean.

  • Local Market

    Resorts on one side of the street offer luxurious accommodation while the local market
    on the other side enables you to experience the Balinese buzz and atmosphere.

Jimbaran Beach, Western Luxury and Balinese Local Life Side By Side....

Jimbaran beach is conveniently located south of the Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali Denpasar airport.) The village has many similarities to Sanur beach as its beach is nicely maintained by all the resorts located at it, the water is nice to swim in and you can walk along the shore and still see fishermen coming in from the fishing trip.

But unlike Sanur, Jimbaran seems to want to attract a small crowd who are seeking a luxury Bali holiday destination only. Intercontinental Hotel has a massive premises while other luxury accommodation such as Jimbaran Puri Bali, the Four Seasons resort, the Keraton Jimbaran Resort, Kayumanis Private Estate Jimbaran have been able to secure a spot along Jimbaran bay too.


jimbaran beach clean beach in bali
One of the nicest Bali beaches

Getting around: With just one main street it is hard to get lost...

Things to do: The beach is the main attraction. Find what you can do....

Restaurants: Seafood is THE ingredient here...


Like all villages in South Bali, Jimbaran is covered with resorts and private villas and no open space is spared as new luxurious resorts are still being build. However despite usual development in this part of the island, the local people in Jimbaran are still very much present.

You can say that the village is divided by one big main road with the resorts on one side and the Balinese on the other. You can still see the local market and little shops that sell brooms, washing powder, buckets etc. Something definitely not aimed to please the tourist shopping spree.


jimbaran beach bali market
The local market along the main street


It might sound very pessimistic but to be honest we can only wonder how long this will maintain. Jimbaran has built a reputation of having one of the best beaches with exclusive resorts and villas. And if you browse through the internet you will soon see that there are hundreds of accommodation to choose from. So many that without ever setting foot there you will soon wonder how all of them fit in a little town like Jimbaran.

Well they don't. The name Jimbaran is used for a large area in the southern peninsula of Bali. Technically they are in Jimbaran but not at Jimbaran bay. The bay that has put this village on the map. Since there was no space left owners started to build their their luxury hotel or villa towards the Bukit Area which has view of Jimbaran.

A big disappointment if you booked a private villa and upon arrival you soon realize that it is located about a 10 to 15 minutes drive from Jimbaran beach.


view of the beach at jimbaran beach bali
The southern end oft he beach


Getting Around

Jimbaran has one main street called Jalan Uluwatu. It's a busy street with local action on one side and little streets leading to the hotels and beach on the other. It is not a comfortable street to stroll around and perhaps that is the reason why most guests remain at the resort or villa the majority of time or hop in a car or taxi to move around.

You can find some boutiques and restaurants along the main street, particularly near the Intercontinental. If you drive a bit further and follow the signs to the Four Seasons you will end up in a side street where traffic is far less. Here you can find more upscale restaurants, the Jimbaran Corner Shopping Center and the famous Jimbaran seafood restaurants at the beach.


jimbaran bay hotels
Jimbaran beach is ideal for walking miles on end

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Things to Do

The main attraction of Jimbaran is of course its clean soft sand beach. If you love to walk along the beach then you will feel very happy doing so here. It's quiet and if your timing is right you will see the local fishermen hauling in the catch or preparing their boat for their next trip.

If you really want to see some real action head to the north part of the beach where you can find the local fish market. Right at the beach you will also see dozens of fishing boats and women balancing buckets on their head with massive fish. All heading straight to the many resorts and restaurants in Bali.


jimbaran beach fishermen fish market
Jimbaran is still an important fishing village


While the Bukit area is the most popular place to go surfing, Jimbaran can not be considered a surf beach. There are no waves at all hence making it perfect for swimming. Jimbaran there are no waves at all. However if you want, the local fishermen are happy to take you and your surfboard to the reef located a bit further away.

At the southern end of the beach you'll find the Pura Ulun Siwi temple which was built in the 17th century by the Mengwi dynasty. This is the most important rice temple in Bali and rice farmers come here to honor Dewi Sri, the Goddess of Rice.

If you are into ceramic then you can also visit the nearby Jenggala Keramik Bali on Jalan Uluwatu. It houses impressive pieces of ceramic and glassware and also gives plenty of information about its designers.

While enjoying several exhibitions you can drop off the kids at the paint-a-pot (adults can join too ;-) where they can create their unique pot, saucer, plate, bowl mug or cup. Open from 9am-5pm daily.


rice temple jimbaran beach bali
The rice temple at the southern tip of Jimbaran bay

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There aren't a long list of dining options in Jimbaran. Unlike other villages you can't really go out for a stroll in search for a nice looking restaurant as most of them are found in the many luxurious resorts.

Along the main road there are a few independent restaurants and a couple of Indonesian 'warung-style' places to eat. Or you can enjoy some dinner at one of the many grilled seafood restaurants on Jimbaran beach.


jimbaran seafood restaurant
Waiting for our grilled seafood by sunset


So where else can you go for lunch and dinner in Jimbaran?

The majority of the restaurants are located on resort premisses. As far as we know none of them are organic restaurants however there are a couple that use ingredients from their organic garden such as the Ayana. But besides that organic is hard to find here.

However Cuca is an inspiring restaurant located on the Kayumanis Premises that solely cooks ingredients from Bali. You might not believe it at first considering their menu lists a whole choice of tapas. But here all ingredients are 100% local.

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