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Ketupat Kuta Restaurant, tasty dishes from the Indonesian Archipelago

Ketupat Kuta Restaurant was one big surprise for me. In whole of Bali this is the first restaurant I have found where you can can not only eat Bali food, but also try out dishes from other Indonesian islands such as Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Java and Lombok.


entrance to ketupat kuta restaurant


My girlfriend immediately started to leaf through the menu in search for her favorite dish from Medan, Sumatra. And judging from here reaction she knew immediately what she wanted to order.

Ketupat restaurant is named after a type of rice cake which is cooked in plaited coconut leave. It's pretty sticky and before it's served it's cut in pieces. It goes especially well with curry dishes. In Indonesia it is a popular dish during the end of the Ramadan, one of the most important religious holidays for Muslims.


ketupat ricecake kuta restaurant
Ketupat, rice cake


Besides dishes with Ketupat the menu just goes on and on. They have almost everything you can think of; seafood, noodles, satay, lamb, beef, chicken all prepared the Indonesian way.

Believe me, you'll have a hard time choosing.

I definitely found it difficult. If you have the same problem, do as I do and go for the nasi campur. That is rice with all kind of dishes on the side. That way you can try out different things in one go. And it's delicious, especially here at this restaurant as the side dishes are all served in banana leaves.


ketupat restaurant kuta matthias verbaan
Ready to enjoy real tasty Indonesian food.


My girlfriend ordered one of her favorite Indonesian dishes: ketupat with jackfruit curry. Other popular dishes that we can recommend are soto ayam, rawon, laksa, satay ayam and rendang. But of course there is much more to choose from and it's just too much to list.

Besides the wonderful food, the restaurant is really nice with a great atmosphere. In the evening it is beautifully lit. You can also choose from different seating areas: in the garden next to the pond, inside, on the balcony or at a secluded table with comfortable pillows to sit on.


ketupat restaurant kuta building
Great ambiance at Ketupat Kuta Restaurant

We had a wonderful dinner at Ketupat Restaurant. We were mostly happily surprised about the big range of Indonesian dishes which were delicious. With so many dishes to choose from, it wouldn't be strange to come here more than once during your holiday.

My girlfriend and I both agreed that we will be back on our next trip and that it is one of the best Kuta restaurants if you want to enjoy real Indonesian food.

Jalan Legian 109, when coming from Legian just before the Bali bombing monument
or another option is their new restaurant at:
Jl. Dewi Sri Kuta
Tel: +62 (361) 754209/8848212

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