• Fishing boats at Lovina Bali

    Towards the end of the day the fishermen place their boats on the beaches and prepare
    them for their next trip early in the morning

  • Fishermen at the beach

    While the main beach at Lovina is taken by resorts, the local fishermen still use the
    beach for their fishing boats and to untangle the nets for the next day

  • Shrine

    Behind the walls of Balinese living quarters you can find the family shrine where
    offerings are placed daily at regular basis

  • Mount Batur on a clear day

    Mount Batur is a magnificent mountain and if you go on a clear day you will be able to
    appreciate it even more .

The lazy life of Lovina Beach Bali...

When walking along Lovina beach in North Bali, you could say that it is now what Kuta, Legian and Seminyak looked like in the past. Unlike the south there are no signs of uncontrolled mass tourism development here yet. And with the big mountain range which dominates the landscape you can almost say that you feel pretty secluded from the rest the world...



mountains at lovina
Mountains and rice fields dominate one side of Lovina..


The area around Lovina isn't densely populated and tightly built as Kuta Beach. Instead here the rice paddies between the string of beach-resorts and hotels still dominate giving it a country-like character...

Getting around: Plus important addresses and handy phone numbers...

Things to do: Walk along the beach, go snorkeling at Menjangan island, visit the old capital, waterfalls and hot springs...

Restaurants: As expected, fresh fish and seafood play a big role here..

Places to stay: Villas, small scale or family run...


Not only does the calm sea attract many travelers who want to spend their holiday at the volcanic black beach, go snorkeling or scuba diving at Lovina or Menjangan island but every day the beautiful waters also attract dolphins that playfully hunt for breakfast. Today the latter is the main attraction at this beach.


lovina beach ocean
Time to stop and watch the sunset..

In the past North Bali had a great influence and was especially important for the Dutch and Chinese with their trade shipping around the world. The large city of Singaraja, meaning 'Lion King' was the capital of Bali during the colonial time and until today you can still find historical remains around the city.

In the 1950’s tourism started at the northern coastal region. It is said that Anak Agung Panji Tisna, the king of North Bali had given the small strip of beaches its current name which is taken from the word ‘love’.

The tourist numbers to Lovina have always been a bit unstable. In the mid 70’s the area had become one of the first tourist destinations but was destroyed by an earthquake.


lovina beach north bali
Volcanic sand and the smooth ocean


While it recovered significantly in the 80's resulting in large numbers of guest-houses and resorts popping along the 8 kilometer beach it had to struggle again during the economic crisis in the late 90’s and the 2002 Bali bombing in Kuta when hardly any tourists visited this area or Bali in general.

This may be the main reason why the sellers at the beach have a more aggressive sales-approach than other areas in Bali as they will not take 'no' for an answer too easily. Of course they are harmless but after a while it can get somewhat annoying, so just be prepared.

Lovina has however slowly recovered and you can see tourist development in the area. It is very likely that this development is going to continue as the government is planning to built a second airport in North Bali soon...


fishermen lovina beach
Fishermen busy at dawn...


Getting Around

The first time we arrived in Lovina Bali, we got pretty confused. We thought that it was a village at the beach, just like Candidasa or Sanur. But once there, we discovered that Lovina is a name for six villages located along the busy main road Jalan Raya Lovina.

The villages are located along the north coast of Bali, about 10km west of Singaraja and are from west to east Temukus, Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Tukad Mungga and Pemaron.


fishing boats lovina beach bali
Fishing boats at Lovina North Bali...


Each village has its own character, with Kalibukbuk being the most tourist orientated and Temukus and Anturan (also known as Happy Beach) being less crowded.

It’s not really important to know when and where each village ends...

There aren’t even signs indicating the borders. Generally the hotel signs will give you an indication on where you are.



kalibubukk street to lovina beach
Street in Kalibukbuk with the well known dolphin statue in the distance...


Most large beach resorts are located on the busy Jl. Raya Lovina and onward towards Temukus. In Jl. Laviana and the whole of Kalibukbuk there are also some resorts together with some cheaper bungalow options. This is also the most popular and busiest part of Lovina beach.

To get there, just drive along Jalan Raya Lovina. Once you notice more restaurants, turn right into a small street.

We always use the blue bright sign of ATM BCA as an indication. It might say nothing to you now, but once you are there you will probably see it too...


kalibubuk lovina beach bali
Majority of restaurants, shops and tourist information offices are found in Kalibukbuk


During the day the streets in Kalibukbuk can be deserted and are only crowded during the evening when travelers go out for dinner. The two streets in this little fishing village are connected by a small beach pathway.

This is a nice place to stroll around, sit at the beach under the huge trees or watch the sunset while drinking a cocktail on one of the terraces.

In this area you will also find travel agencies, budget accommodation, internet cafes, diving-schools and of course many boatmen who offer the famous dolphin tours.


temple complex lovina beach bali
Temple complex at the beach.


If you are not staying in Kalibukbuk you will need transportation because most activities are found there.

Most resorts offer a hotel shuttle service, but otherwise there are enough blue colored bemos driving back and forth. It is not always the most comfortable way to travel around, especially if you are two times taller than the average Indonesian.

However besides being a cheap way to get around, about Rp. 3000 for one trip but you can also hop on or off whenever you want. So if you see something nice along the road, just yell ‘stop’ and you can get off instantly...


ricefields and mountains lovina beach bali
Terrific views along the main road...


Another option is renting a car or motorcycle. This is the best choice if you want to explore the northern part of Bali and see beautiful landscapes. Expect to pay around Rp.100.000 for a Suzuki Katana and Rp.30.000 for a motorcycle per day.

Be careful though...

The main road is one of the busiest, as trucks with heavy loads coming from Java pass through on their way to central Bali.


main road at lovina beach bali
The main coast road connects all the villages in Lovina is one of the busiest in Bali...


If you are going or leaving Lovina and do not have your own transportation, there are many shops and agencies that sell tickets for the Perama Tourist Shuttle Bus. They leave once a day, so book one day in advance. You can choose between different routes.

As mentioned earlier, Lovina is located in the northern part of the island. So remember, if you are arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport you will need to drive about 3 to 4 hours to get there.

Important Addresses and Handy Phone numbers

The Post Office is located on Jalan Raya Lovina between the villages of Kalibukbuk and Temukus.

The Prodiac Clinic (0362-24516)) can be found in Singaraja on Jalan RA Kartini no.12.

The Singaraja Hospital is located on Jalan Ngurah Rai no.30 and can be contacted on 0362-22573.

The Tourist Office is set up at Jalan Raya Lovina next to the traffic lights when you enter Kalibukbuk and they are housed in the same building as the Police Station (0362-22510).

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Things to do

Unlike the other beach villages located south of Bali, Lovina's beach tourism is pretty slow as it does not have the action and crowds. Everything is found in low numbers and spread out. The only obvious tourist hot spot is Kalibukbuk, which has small streets with shops, restaurants, hotels and tourist centres that can organize all the things to do in Lovina.


lovina beach north bali
things to do in Lovina: swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving


The beaches at Lovina are covered with volcanic black sand and the sea is calm due to the reef. These calm waters of Lovina offers a great opportunity for swimming and learning how to scuba dive. The reef is pretty poor, but the calm waters are ideal for beginners. All over town you can find shops which offer introductory courses and PADI certificate courses.

The clear water is also good for snorkeling, except in the months February and March because of heavy rains. If you want to be blown away by the beauty of the underwater world then we suggest skipping Lovina and heading straight to Menjangan island, a 40 minutes drive. Here you can arrange boats to take you on diving or snorkeling trips to amazing coral reefs.

In the evening the beach is the perfect place to be to watch the magnificent sunsets and enjoy dinner right at the beach front.


sunset lovina beach bali
Amazing sunsets ...


Besides the beach the main thing that attracts a crowd are the dolphin trips. Despite the excitement of seeing them jump out of the water we still have mixed feelings after such a trip. There seems to be more boats then dolphins these days. As soon as a dolphin fin pops out of the waters dozen of boats race to get there first. Instead of dolphin spotting it has turned into dolphin chasing.

Yes, we fully understand this wonderful opportunity to see wild dolphins but we think that despite the so called limited number of boats and the additional rules opposed on the boatmen we believe it has become a bit out of control.

Nevertheless it is a wonderful experience to wake up before sunset, jump in a boat and experience the whole world waking up.


tourist information lovina beach bali
Don't worry about arranging something to do in Lovina...

If you want to learn more about the Balinese people in Lovina Bali then pay a visit to the local cultural group, Yayasan Budaya den Bukit Lovina. They organize many cultural activities such as rice pounding, cooking and dancing.

There are also bull races which are held every Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock. Go to the tour agencies in town and they will be able to help you out on the cultural things to do in Lovina.

Nearby Lovina there are other places you can visit too. Head towards the west to the Sing Sing Waterfalls if you feel like a refreshing dip and continue to the Banjar hot springs for a relaxing 38 degrees swim.

If you head east you will drive through Singaraja where you can still many remnants from the past. Further east of the Buleleng district you can find ancient Balinese temples too.

Other trips organized from Lovina are visits to Lake Bratan or Lake Bratan where you can visit the Ulun Bratan Temple. Or you can join one tour companies who organize trekking tours to Batur or Mount Agung.

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As you might expect, most of the restaurants at Lovina offer fresh fish on their menu that is just caught that very same day...

The most convenient place in Lovina to find a restaurant that suits you is in Kalibukbuk. The restaurants are located close to one another so you can stroll around town until you have found a nice place.


cheap restaurants in lovina bali
Almost all Lovina restaurants serve seafood satay. It's delicious...


There is one restaurants in particular where we love to sit, have a drink followed by grilled or fried fish by sunset. It's called The Seabreeze Restaurant and is located right at the beach in Kalibukbuk.

If you want to try out local dishes head to Warung Bintang or the many cheap little restaurants just off the main beach of Lovina. Here you can order all kinds of dishes ranging from grilled fish, Pepes Ikan, Gado Gado, fried rice, fresh juice and much more.

These restaurants are the most popular places in town. While they all seem similar Warung Apple and Warung Ayu are somehow always packed. People even make reservations. We ate at Warung Ayu and the quiet Warung Sing KenKen and both were just as good...


vegan and vegetarian restaurants in lovina


For those who are thinking about starting an organic restaurants then there are still a lot of possibilities in Lovina considering there are isn't any here.

There is an option to go to the tiny lime green restaurant Akar Ethical & Natural Living. This cute restaurant offers enough choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians who don't mind skipping a meal with meat ;-). Falafels with humus, quiche, salads, yogurts, juices and smoothies are just a few on their menu. Besides healthy stuff they also serve delicious coffee together with cakes or cookies.

Akar Ethical & Natural Living isn't a strictly organic restaurant but they do promote living ethically and naturally and plus they do water refills, bamboo straws and recycled news paper bags.

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Places to stay

There are a many hotels in Lovina beach, mainly along the Jalan Raya Lovina starting at Tukad Mungga in the east all the way to Temukus in the west.

Just like in Kuta the whole area lacks planning from the government and those villagers with a little bit of money start their own hotel. Some listen to their customers and know exactly what their expectations are during a holiday, others just build a hotel and then hope to be lucky.

If you want to stay nearby Lovina and are looking to an alternative from an eco hotel we have listed a few that we find unique. Mainly because they place efforts in minimizing their negative impact on the surrounding nature, are small scale or family run.

lovina bali resorts damai villasDamai Villas
This top-end Lovina Bali resort is really a fantastic place to spend a couple of days on your travels through the island.

It’s an idyllic place, quiet and peaceful and has the best vistas in Lovina beach. Fortunately is so remote that the pushy Lovina vendors will not bother you with dolphin tours or souvenirs.

lovina bali accommodation franipangi villas Frangipani Beach Boutique Hotel
This classy boutique hotel offers a wonderful place to stay right on Lovina beach. There are only 8 rooms: 4 VIP rooms, 1 Suite for 4 to 5 people and 3 Rooms for 2 to 3 people.

The spacious rooms with semi open bathroom are all unique while some have a view on the rice fields or mountains. There is a big swimming pool and enough sun loungers. Don't miss their delicious breakfast.

rambutan hotel lovina beachRambutan Boutique Hotel Bali
This hotel is family-run and also ideal for travellers with kids. It has some great pools and immaculate gardens. Location is perfect in the center of Kalibukbuk and only 2 minutes from the beach. There are several types of rooms you can choose from.

budget accommodation lovina baliCheap Hotel in Lovina
Padang Cottages is located in Kalibukbuk village on Jalan Bina Ria with a lovely garden and a pool. The people are very friendly and the rooms really cheap for what you get.

There are rooms with three good beds, AC, hot water, clean bathrooms and a verandah to relax on. You can call them on (+62) 362-41302.

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