• Views from Munduk

    Located in the mountains, among rice fields and plantations, Munduk is the perfect get-
    away from everyday life.

  • Ploughing the fields

    Right after harvest, the fields need to be prepared for the fresh seedlings. Some farmers
    still use the traditional buffalo.

  • Bali Cremation

    The cremation in Bali is a joyful occasion with lots of people. So don't be surprised if
    you bump into a crowd along the way.

  • Stunning Rice terraces

    When driving through Bali you will often be treated with stunning rice field terraces
    that stretch as far as the eye can see.

A Breath of Fresh Air in Munduk Bali

Munduk is a cute little eco-friendly village high up in the mountains with gorgeous views, numerous waterfalls and is a great place for Bali hiking through clove, cocoa, coffee plantations and rice fields.

munduk waterfall in bali
Red Coral Waterfall


This beautiful village in north Bali was once a popular place for Dutch colonists to escape the heat from Singaraja so in 1903 they started building their rest houses in the central highlands for visitors.

Even now you can find these houses scattered across the area and some have been converted into proper guest houses for travelers who love to explore this gorgeous part of Bali.

Things to do: Walk along the beach, go snorkeling at Menjangan island, visit the old capital, waterfalls and hot springs...

Restaurants: As expected, fresh fish and seafood play a big role here..

Places to stay: Wonderful eco options in this little village....


Munduk is located on the scenic road between Pancasari and Seririt. While driving from Pancasari up the rim of the old volcano you can either go right (towards Singaraja and Lovina) or left continuing on the crater rim along Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan.

Try to stop at the small coffee house of Ngiring Ngewedang, which means 'please stop by and come in'.

Here you have great vistas on Danau (Lake) Tamblingan on one side and on the other side the ocean. Here you can also buy some locally produced coffee and staff is more than happy to show you how they make their traditional coffee.


danau tamblingan at the ngiring ngewedang coffee shop
Danau Tamblingan near the Ngiring Ngewedang coffee shop


After this pit-stop you continue your journey along the crater rim until you arrive at a crossing where you have to turn right where 5 km of downhill hairpin bends take you to this small mountain village.

Once you're there don't go too fast or you'll miss it altogether. It's a sleepy village with on both sides of the road some local shops, guest houses, occasionally temples and the remnants of Dutch houses.

Don't expect ATM's, Internet or Starbucks here and that's exactly what makes this village soooo charming...


rice paddies at munduk bali
Rice fields in abundance


Locals are mainly dependent on the coffee, clove, coconut, fruit, cocoa and rice plantation and like other parts of Bali, religion activities and ceremonies play a big role in their daily life.

But tourism is getting more important now and more travelers have found out what a gem this area really is.

Luckily the owner of Puri Lumbung Cottages, Nyoman Bagiarta, teaches local men how to be nature guides and he has also helped other local Balinese setting up their guesthouses in order to gain some additional income.


Things to do

There's isn't much to do here besides enjoying the marvelous view on mountain slopes, river gorges and rice paddies and going for several hikes around the area.

Expect to go to bed early and wake up together with the birds, chickens and locals.

hiking in munduk with monicoAs mentioned earlier this place is the ideal place for nature lovers and those who like to get away from it all. Numerous hiking trails lead you to waterfalls, mountain streams, various plantations, shrines small villages and hot springs.

Try to go early in the morning when it's not too hot. During the rainy season avoid going between 1pm -4pm because from our experience most rain seems to fall between these hours. But ask around first to make sure.

If you want go off trekking without being afraid of getting lost then you can easily arrange a guide at the accommodation you are staying at.

banjar hot springs in baliOn the road from Munduk to Lovina you find a crossing at Bestala where you have to turn right to drive all the way to Banjar where you'll find the Banjar hot springs.

It's open from 8 am - 6 pm and entrance fee is around Rph 40.000, try to avoid going there on Sundays...

bali photography toursBlessed with beautiful landscapes and ideally located nearby wonderful sights it come as no surprise that photographers will feel at home here too.

A popular Bali photography tour led by Yande Ardana will take you to the most picture perfect places at the most perfect moment of the day. Be prepared to wake up early to be able to take the best photos of Ulun Danu Temple or wait till the sun sets over the mountains and rice terraces.

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There are hardly any independent restaurants in the village, most are part of a hotel or guesthouse.

The menus at hotels are more extensive such as at Puri Lumbung Cottages but even though the menus at Meme Surung Guesthouse and Sunny Guesthouse are fairly simple their views are amazing.


view on mountains and ocean at munduk bali
Mountain and Sea views from Meme Surung Guesthouse


There is one restaurant or warung though which you have to try. It's outside the village on the road to Seririt near the village of Mayong and besides having a very good kitchen it also has a gorgeous view on a rice field valley.

It's called Bali Panorama and once you get here you'll understand why they've called it that way. They serve various delicious dishes, fruit juices and everything is fresh and organic.


bali panorama restaurant in mayong near munduk
View from the Bali Panorama Restaurant in Mayong


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Places to Stay

Since this village is still very low-key and hordes of travelers haven't discovered this village yet there are only a handful of accommodation options to choose from.

Here is a list of guesthouses and hotels we highly recommend:

puri lumbung cottages in munduk baliPuri Lumbung Cottages
This hotel in Munduk is the leader in eco-tourism development in the region and here local people get the chance to gain experience. There are several old rice barn bungalows (Lumbung) set in a tropical garden with views over nearby rice paddies and impressive valleys.

Here you can also follow courses in batik making, wood carving, balinese dancing etc. Their restaurant is definitely worth trying...
(75USD for a standard cottage single, 85USD for a cottage double)

meme surung homestay in munduk baliMeme Surung Homestay
This homestay/guesthouse is in one of the old colonial Dutch buildings and has one of the best views from their restaurant. The rooms are simple, with mosquito nets, fan and en suite bathroom. Don't expect sheer luxury here but it is one of the more affordable options

(32 USD for a single, 39USD for a double/twin)

puri sunny homestay in munduk baliPuri Sunny Guesthouse
The guesthouse is located a stone-throw away from Meme Surung Homestay on the main road through the village. Here they also have great views on the valley below and on Mount Batukaru...

($45 USD for standard, $65 USD for a suite single, $70 for a suite double/twin tel: (+62 362) 7012887)

munduk moding plantation in bali Munduk Moding Plantation
This gem is located just outside the village in Gobleg Village. It's a nature resort on a working coffee plantation, which promotes sustainable tourism. This Bali coffee plantation accommodation is one of the better luxury resorts in the area with their bedroom villa, pool villa, grand suite or suite.

($155USD for one-bedroom villa, $145USD for the grand suite and $110USD for the suite)

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