• The less visited beaches

    Lovina is one of the beaches in North Bali that doesn't attract a large crowd as in the
    south. For some more the reason to go and spend a couple of days there.

  • Fishermen

    Along the north coast you will see the familiar traditional Balinese fishing boats. Towards
    the end of the day the fishermen are busy preparing the nets for the next morning.

  • Early wake up call

    Waking up early on your holiday is pretty difficult, but if you know what to expect then it
    can be one of the best things you did. When in Lovina hop on a boat early in the morning.

  • Mountain views

    The northern coastal road takes you along the beaches of North Bali, but on the other side
    you will also be treated with fantastic mountain and rice field views.

The calm Waters of the North Bali Beaches

The best part of the North Bali beaches can be found around Lovina beach. This black volcanic beach is famous for its calm sea, the beaches with rows of palm trees, magical sunsets and the morning dolphin sightings.


lovina beach north bali
Along the north coast you will black volcanic sand, but soft and clean...


Lovina is a collective name for the 6 fishing villages which are from west to east Temukus, Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, Tukadmungga and Pemaron.

Many people are surprised when they arrive at Lovina. The majority of visitors expect to see a white tropical beach however the northern beaches have black sand beaches. Maybe this is one of the reason why this part of the island doesn't attract a large crowd.

Nevertheless the beach of Lovina is nice. The sand is also soft and in many parts of the beach it is clean, sspecially at the beaches in front of the beach resorts and in Kalibubuk, the most tourist oriented fishing village.


dolphin statue lovina beach bali
Lovina is known for its dolphins


The beach also offers a great opportunity to walk along the shore as it goes on and on for 8 kilometers. Here you can see the fishermen going off to or coming back from sea with their load of fresh fish and enjoy then nice views of the ocean. In the late afternoon you can also watch the magnificent sunset.

If you are an early riser it is just as beautiful as the mist slowly unveils a purple colour over the sea.

An ideal time to experience the sunrise is during the dolphin tours. Don't expect to be the only ones headtng out to sea in a tiny fishingboat as dolphin watching is a popular activity in Lovina.

A sighting of a dolphin is always something special but usually it looks more like a race between boats then dolphin watching.


sunrise lovina beach north bali
Mystical sunrise


Like many other Bali beaches, there are many hawkers selling things from sarongs to massage treatments. In Lovina this is especially the case as many hawkers hunt for potential sun bathers who want to buy something.

They are more persistent than in other villages, but this may be due to the low numbers of travellers visiting the area. So be prepared...

While the beaches in the south of Bali are famous for their waves, there is no surfing in Lovina. The sea is as calm as a lake, which makes it ideal for other activities such as swimming, diving and snorkelling.


monico at lovina beach bali


The quality of the reef in Lovina is however poor, so if you are planning to go snorkelling make sure you go more offshore where there is more to see.

If you are searching for a beach to relax which is less crowded, than Lovina beach is an ideal place to spend some time. The tropical, laid back atmosphere will give you a holiday feeling in no time.

For those who are on the lookout for a totally deserted beach, you can hop on a motorbike and drive along the north coastal road. Take the small roads that take you to the beach where you are likely find deserted patches of sand. As you can imagine, facilities are limited so take enough water and food with you.

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