• Rice fields of North Bali

    The strip along the coast of North Bali might not have fertile mountain slopes,
    nevertheless you can still find stunning rice fields and rows of coconut trees.

  • Boats at Lovina beach

    Lovina is a fishing village and like other similar villages in Bali you will find strings
    of traditional boats lined up on the beach.

  • North Bali Temples

    The temple of Buleleng are known for their complex carvings. It is not visited by many
    travelers, so you might be the only one there.

  • Waiting for a good catch

    In the early morning the fishermen of Lovina head out to sea to fish. They might have to
    compete with the dolphins which return every morning for breakfast.

North Bali Sight Seeing Attractions

The major north Bali sight seeing attractions are located on the main northern road which goes all the way from Amlapura (east Bali) up to Pemuteran (west Bali). So it would be pretty difficult to miss any of them.


lovina mountains things to do


Coming all the way from the south of Bali through the Bedugul area to the mainly black beaches of north Bali you'll pass numerous rice terraces, river gorges, waterfalls and volcanoes. Once on the junction near Buyan Lake you can either turn west along Tamblingan Lake to Munduk, Seririt and Lovina or take the other scenic route to the capital Singaraja and Lovina beach.

Lovina area is a perfect starting point to start exploring this part of the island. Sights and other places of interests in the north part of Bali are:


sing sing waterfallsSing Sing Waterfalls
When you visit Bali you should at least take a dip in one of the many waterfalls. A great option is the Sing Sing (meaning Daybreak) waterfalls between Lovina beach and Pemuteran beach. This waterfall is often deserted, making it an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

There is a deep pool right under the waterfall, which is good to do some swimming but don't expect any Blue Lagoon movie moments here as the water can be cold. Best time to visit is during the rainy season.

banjar hotsprings lovinaAir Panas Holy Hot Springs
These 38ºC are located in Banjar village and can easily be visited at the end of the day when the sun is not too strong. The swimming pools are decorated with water spewing dragon statues and the lush tropical garden make this a great place to relax those aching muscles from all that travelling.

Because the Banjar hot water springs are natural you might have to get used to the smell of sulphur but the water quality is really good and feels super soft.

Bhrahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Monastery
Near Derancik village you'll find the biggest Balinese Buddhist Monastery on the island, the Bhrahma Vihara Arama. It isn't a tourist site but if you're serious you can participate in their Vipassana meditation sessions which start at 04.15 a.m. Visitors are asked to dress properly which means that shoulders and legs should be covered, talking is not accepted and smoking, drinking or eating is allowed when walking around the premises. A donation to the monastery is appreciated.

singaraja lovina baliSingaraja
This former Dutch colonial capital of Bali has played an important role throughout the history of the island. If you drive through this busy town you'll find many old Dutch architectural reminders from the past.

There's aren't many attractions worth visiting except for the library, the Gedong Kirtya which holds the oldest holy books on the island and which is the only library in the world to hold lontar manuscripts. They say the Balinese are afraid to enter the library out of fear of being cursed by the spirits.

If you are staying in Lovina, there are many companies offering 'Singaraja Tours' often in combination with a visit to Batur Lake and Volcano. This is an easy and comfortable way to visit the tourist sites in Singaraja regency.

git git waterfalls lovina north baliGitGit Water fall
These waterfalls are located south of Singaraja and are easy to find. When coming from Bedugul on your way to Singaraja following hairpin bends you will see many signs pointing towards these waterfalls.

There are many entrances to these waterfalls, so don’t be confused if you see another sign 500 m further down the road. The lagoon-like pool right under the 15 m high waterfall is perfect for a refreshing dip (opening hours daily 08.00 am-05.30 pm).

buleleng temples east baliTemples of East Buleleng
Not many travelers come here. However this region is known for its quiet farmer’s villages, black beaches and its beautifully decorated temples. Some of Balinese finest temples are found between Singaraja and Kubutambahan.

When you visit these temple complexes you can see the differences between the temples in the south and north of the island. The wall carvings are unique, have more character and are more difficult to make...

seh yenih water springs north baliYeh Sanih
This little fishing hamlet is also called Air Sanih and is famous for its fresh water pools. You can find this refreshing place 6 km east of Kubutambahan and there's public transport available between Singaraja and Amlapura. It is said that its source of these fresh water pools is at Lake Batur.

The tropical garden and the way the water flows from the swimming pools into the ocean makes it a nice setting to relax. The beach at Yeh Sanih is also really good and the sea is as quiet as a lake. Try to avoid the weekends when it gets busy.

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