• Nusa Dua

    The land along Nusa Dua beach is dry yet large resorts have been able to create an oasis
    with gardens, large pools and private luxury villas.

  • Bali Golf and Country Club

    Amid the resort and at beach you can find the Nusa Dua golf course. Huge amount of
    water is needed to keep the grass lush and attractive for those who wish to play golf.

  • Stunning beach

    Beautiful beaches and stunning oceans attract a crowd. Large hotels chains are mainly
    found along this beach but luckily it is accessible for everyone.

  • Resort life

    It is understandable that holiday seekers want to relax at the beach. But why travel all
    the way to Bali if you do not experience its uniqueness while there?.

The Undeniable Truth About Nusa Dua Beach That No One Is Telling You

Nusa Dua Beach is located on Bali's southern east-coast and it mainly consists of four and five-star luxury resorts. Nusa means 'island' and Dua means 'two' referring to the two islands in the bay. Nusa Dua is also one of the most popular destinations for companies and non-governmental organizations to have international conferences, conventions and exhibitions. It is also home to Bali's most popular golf course, the Nusa Dua Bali Golf and Country Club, the Bali Collection Shopping Mall and Museum Pasifika.

This area was build with help of the World Bank by the Indonesian dictator Suharto in the 1970's and according to the Bali Tourism Master plan Nusa Dua was created in an area far from "native Balinese settlement" in order to protect the Balinese from the negative impact of tourism, such as in the Kuta area.


getting around nusa dua beach
Balinese statue at the entrance of Nusa Dua


This part of the island was chosen for its barren limestone land, beautiful beaches and the lack of water for agricultural activities. Truth is the Balinese living here had to sell their land under Suharto's compulsory purchase programs.

Huge international hotel chains such as the Hilton (Conrad Bali, Ayodya Resort, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel), Melia, Club Med, Accor (Novotel, Amarterra Villas, Sofitel Bali, Mercure Bali) Starwood (The Laguna, St.Regis Bali, Westin Nusa Dua Bali), Hyatt (the Grand Hyatt Bali) and Nikko Hotels International (Grand Nikko Bali) have built massive resorts to accommodate the demand for luxury beach holidays and even today many of them are owned or partially owned by the Suharto family.

The Nusa Dua Beach Tourism District has three security gates and everybody entering this enclave is subject to security but don't expect x-rays machines or full-body checks. It's more of a show than proper security and those with bad intentions can easily reach the area via the beach.


nusa dua beach from the air
Tropical beach at Nusa Dua Bali


Many first time visitors to Bali think Nusa Dua beach is the best place for a holiday but we are still asking ourselves why? Except for the poor Balinese working at these resorts for peanuts (average salary $150USD p/month) you will have a hard time finding ''Bali" in this area. If your partner gave you a surprise trip to the tropics and he told you that you're staying at a resort in Okinawa, Malaysia or the Philippines you would have believed him as well.

Swimming or surfing at Nusa Dua Beach is hazardous to your health as human defecation gets pumped into the ocean and fat change you'll end up with the famous Bali Belly or worse. Just have a look at Geger Beach ( just south of Nusa Dua Beach ) where they've just built another 5-star monster, called The Mulia. Here they've created a river bed under the hotel where 'stormwater' can escape to the ocean but it has secretly been built to dump waste.


nusa dua beach
One of the big swimming pools at Conrad Hotel Bali Nusa Dua


So perhaps we have to look at the Bali Tourism Master plan again and this time really apply their mission: create an enclave to protect the "native Balinese" from the negative impact of tourism on their lives.

Instead of building more accommodation on scarce land, like they are doing now in the Dreamland area (also known as New Kuta) and in other areas of the Nusa Dua Peninsula and the Bukit, investors and existing hotel chains should take their responsibility and apply as much measures as possible to minimize the impact of being there. Tackle the large amount of waste, find solutions for the lack of water and use reusable energy as much as possible.

For travelers not staying at one of the many Nusa Dua resorts yet want to enjoy the beautiful beach (Nusa Dua still has a stunning beach) you can go over there too. In the recent years resorts have claimed that the beach is a private beach and accessible for resort guests only. But this is not true. The beach is a public area and if you want to stroll along the beach, then you can...


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