• View on Padang bai

    Padang bai is a little village located in one of the many bays in East Bali. Climb the hills
    for a gorgeous view of the clear blue ocean.

  • Diving and Snorkeling

    Divers and snorkelers head to this fishing village to join one of the dive operators on a
    diving trip. Often with one of the many local boats.

  • Business as normal

    The great thing about East Bali is that despite the massive tourism development, the
    Balinese continue to do their things as normal

  • One of the few tropical beaches

    Just next to Padang bai you can find one of the few white and deserted beaches of Bali
    You might be the only one, until the construction of the big resort is finished :-(

Padangbai, where travelers go beyond Bali

Padangbai is an other village in East Bali that doesn't attract a large crowd. Whether it's the location or the lack of action, somehow most people just come here to catch one of the ferries to Lombok and the Gili islands or to arrange diving trips with one of the many dive operators.

Unlike nearby Candidasa, this little fishing village doesn't have many holiday resorts. Instead it has little guest houses and some dive resorts tucked between shops and local houses.


padangbai beach bali
The main beach in town


In our opinion we think that this little village is very much under appreciated. If travelers knew about all the great things this little place has to offer then I bet it would be pretty busy here. And if you want a better taste of the cultural side of Bali then you can easily do a day trip from here to sights such as Besakih, Tirta Gangga, Rendang and Sidemen rice fields etc.

But that all said, perhaps it's good that Padangbai isn't in the top 5 'places you need to visit in Bali' so it will remain an ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy the quiet laid back atmosphere.

Fast boats& Ferries: Details and numbers for trips to Lombok

Diving & Snorkeling: There are an abundance of operators to take you to the best dive sites...

The Beaches: Somehow pretty much deserted...

Restaurants: Seafood and healthy...

Places to Stay: For backpackers to more luxury...


Padang means 'grass' in Balinese and 'bai' is from the dutch word 'baai' which means 'bay'. Basically the name of the village describes a bit how it looks like as the village is concentrated around a bay where most of the activities take place.

It's a tiny and pretty quiet village with one big square and a couple of small streets. There is one bank in town, but just to be on the safe side bring enough cash with you because the ATM is known to be unreliable.

When you have just entered to village you will find most of the shops and the police station. And that's basically it, because before you know it you find yourself right at the beach. As you can imagine, you can easily walk from one place to another.


Leaving for Lombok or Gili Islands

The harbor is located on the eastern side of the village. It is easy to spot the harbor with trucks and busses boarding the massive ferries.

Besides the very slow ferries that leaves Padangbai daily, every hour for Lembar harbor on Lombok or when it has enough passengers, you can take an faster option to the Gilis or Lombok.

Not surprisingly the fast option is also more expensive, as the ferry is only around Rp. 35.000 (around USD 3,50) one way.


ferries to lombok from bali
The massive and slow ferry leaves Padang bai daily...


The speedy Gili Cat (+62 361 271680) has daily departures to Gili Trawangan, the biggest of the three Gili islands just off Lombok's west coast.

From Gili Trawangan harbour it heads for its final stop at Teluk Kode (Lombok). Gili Cat leaves from the harbour at 9 am or 2 pm (high season only). The trip takes about 2 hours.

For the way back you can take the 11.30 am or the 4 pm (high season only) boat that leaves from Gili Trawangan. The boat also stops at Teluk Kode where it then speeds off for Padangbai at 11.45 am or 4.15 pm (high season only).

A return ticket costs Rp. 1.200.000 (around USD 120) and one way is Rp. 660.000 (around USD 66).


snacks at ferry padangbai
Buy snacks at the harbor before going to Lombok


Perama Express (+ 62 361751551) leaves Padangbai daily from at 1 pm and after 6 hours reaches the Gili islands. Tickets can be purchased at any Perama office around Bali.

When coming back from Lombok, the Perama Express leaves Trawangan at 7 am and Sengigi at 9 am.

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Dive Operators

Diving is the main attraction here. Most dive operators are located at the beach where they also offer accommodation. You can also arrange diving or snorkeling gear and a boat to take you to the best diving spots.

These dive operators not only offer diving tours by boat but also PADI courses. As you can imagine it must be a wonderful place to take your first dive...


gecko dive bali scuba diving


Popular dives around this quiet village is Blue Lagoon (where there is a 40m coral wall) and Teluk Jepun, which is located about 2.5km from the village. While the diving conditions are good in this area, the water can be very cold and visibility is not always crystal clear.

Other dives spots that are located further away are Teluk, Amuk, Gili Tepekon, Gili Biaha Tulamben and Nusa Penida. Expect to see soft and hard corals and a diverse marine life including sharks, turtles and wrasses. 


bali scuba diving padangbai water worx


The city of Amlapura is north of Candi dasa and has one dive site called Biaha Islands where you can encounter barracudas, tunas, cuttle fish, napoleon wrasses, hard and soft corals, deep walls and white tip reef sharks in a shark cave at just 12 meters below the surface.

Snorkeling is good and easy accessible at Blue Lagoon. However be aware that there can be a strong current and snorkeling can be dangerous. Other sites you can jump in to see colorful fish is at Teluk Jepun which can be reached by local boat or you can join the dive boats.


blue lagoon beach padangbai
Snorkel, dive or sunbath at Blue Lagoon


The main dive operators in Padang bai are Geko Dive (+62 (0)363-41516), Water Worx (+62(0)363-41220), Absolute Scuba Bali (+62 (0)363-42088) and Scuba Duba Doo Dive Center (+62 (0)363-42088).

The dive instructors at these dive centers are all English speaking, but often there is a possibility to have an instructor that speaks Dutch, German, Japanese or any other language.

So don't forget to ask about this if you would like to have a course in another language besides English.

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The Beaches

Besides the soft sanded beach at Padang bai there are two other nice beaches on both sides of the bay. First of all you have the white sand beach of Bias Tugal, also known as Pantai Kecil.

This beach is located on the east side of the village. Swimming is possible depending on the time as currents can be very tricky here too. If swimming isn't advisable it is still a very pretty beach so worth stopping by to admire its view.


bias tugal beach padangbai bali
The typical tropical beach picture...


Bias Tugal beach is so beautiful that a hotel chain is building a resort right at the hill overlooking this gem. In my opinion a real shame because it should be kept the way it is: quiet and pretty much deserted.

To get to the beach turn left at the post office and go up a steep path.

The other beach is Blue Lagoon on the western side of the village. It is a small beach, but there is a sun terrace where serious sunbathing can be done. Small restaurants offers refreshing drinks and snacks.


blue lagoon beach restaurant padangbai
My sister and I enjoying the beautiful Blue Lagoon beach


To get there pass the Topi Inn restaurant and then climb up the stairs on the left side in the direction of the Bloo Lagoon resort. If you miss the wooden sign indicating the way to the beach, you could end up at the resort. So make sure you spot the wooden sign...

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Places to eat in Padang bai

Not surprising Seafood is the specialty at Padang Bai. The beaches are filled with the colorful traditional fishing boats which come in every morning to unload a fresh fish. A great place to try out grilled fish or a fish satay is at Grand Cafe PB Harbor . It is located along the street at the beach. If you feel adventurous choose the garlic sauce which has fresh chunks of cloves in it. It might sound too much be trust me it's delicious.


padangbai restaurants grilled fish


An other place you should head to is Topi Inn. This restaurant is one of those places that always attract a crowd of travelers. It has a relaxing atmosphere, view on the beach and most importantly healthy yet good food.

It might not be an organic restaurant but they do choose products which are free of chemicals and they don't use food enhancers. This is also the place for water refills. Forget buying new plastic bottles, instead use the one you already have.


topi inn padangbai bali
This colorful restaurants isn't hard to miss


It is located right at the bay under the palm trees, so plan to sit here for hours, relax and try out all the nice things they have to offer. If you want to learn something too, you can join courses organized by Topi inn.

Feel like some live music head to Omang Omang cafe at Padang bai square. Local artists perform here regularly.

Candidasa isn't that far either. So if you feel like a change of scenery and a different menu hop on the red bemo that will take you there in now time.

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Places to stay

Since this beach village is mostly oriented on divers most accommodations are linked to dive operators. The most popular are found along the beach. There are several home stays in this villages but to honest they often lack character.

If you want to avoid staying at a dive resort have a look at Topi Inn. They offer budget accommodation.

Planning to fully experience Padang bai? Then highly recommend checking out Bloo Lagoon.


padangbai bali places to stay
Bloo Lagoon villa complex


This a villa complex is situated right on the cliffs which offer amazing views over the ocean. However it isn't an ordinary villa complex as the owners have created Bloo Lagoon with a different aim in mind.

It not only provides a place to enjoy your holiday, but it's also a place for mutual exchange of knowledge, skills and customs between international visitors and the local residents. So expect a different holiday experience here...

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