• Perfect diving or snorkeling site

    The ocean around Menjangan island are a wonderful spot to go diving or snorkeling as
    there are several coral walls to explore

  • Village Temple

    If you go of the main road in Pemuteran you might bump into one of the village temples.
    Not on the list of temples to see nevertheless it is pretty beautiful.

  • From Lovina to Pemuteran

    The northern road can get really busy with trucks transporting good from Java but if
    it happens to be quiet the scenery can be very nice.

  • Fisherman checking the net

    Along the north coast you will still find a lot of fishing villages, where the local people
    are still very dependent on the sea.

Discover the sleepy village Pemuteran

Pemuteran Bali is as far as you can get from all the hustle and bustle in the south of the island. Located north-west of Bali this village is probably the less visited. Travelers who do come here often stay for just a day to do one thing: scuba diving.

But after staying in this quiet village for a couple of nights I think it's a really relaxing place which unfortunately isn't often included in the itinerary of many travellers.


pemuteran bali beach
A piece of North Coast that still isn't discovered by most

This pretty unknown village is about a 1 hour drive from Lovina. If you are coming from this direction and you have almost arrived you'll be greeted with stunning green mountain slopes (during the rainy season) which dominate the village.

Things to do: Be active and go diving or snorkeling. Be lazy and do nothing at all...

Restaurants: Not very much to choose from but here are your options...

Places to Stay: Surprisingly ideal places to stay...


The village consists mainly of the main coast road with mountains on one side, the beautiful beach and most big resorts on the other. Surprisingly though, between these resorts there are still little dirt roads that take you to the houses where the locals live.

That's when you realize that here tourism is still very much underdeveloped and that the local people of this fishing village are relatively poor compared to other parts of the island.

Little houses surrounded by a garden and a cow munching next to the front door is a very common scene here. I can imagine that this area is how Lovina or Candidasa looked liked in the 1980's!


pemuteran bali mountains
One one side the mountain slopes dominate the landscape


But the great thing is something you won't immediately see when you stay there. Unlike the south the villagers here are pretty much involved in preserving the valuable nature in their area.

For instance the community have set up their so called 'Sea Guardians' who ensure that laws to prevent destructive fishing and to preserve the coral reefs are maintained. Local trained staff are also hired to grow new coral reefs just off the coast of the beach. This marine conservation project which is managed by the villagers has become a success and is world wide acknowledged by being awarded with the 2012 Equator Prize, an UNDP Equator Award for Community Based Development.

So despite the arrival of the big resorts the local people still take pride of their nature and culture.



local houses pemuteran
Here you can still find local people living right at the beach


Nevertheless this area of Bali is very poor and the tourism facilities are quite minimal. For one, internet access it not widely found maybe at big resorts only. There are no shops selling colorful Balinese souvenirs to take home with you, instead you'll only find those that sell food, drinks and other household utilities.

And one important thing you should know when you plan to stay here is that there are no ATM machines. The nearest is probably Lovina. So bring a credit card to pay at the resort and some extra cash.


Things to do

As mentioned before the main attraction of this village is Bali scuba diving and snorkeling. Most travelers don't even stop at Pemuteran when they go on a diving tour as the best diving is about 20 minutes drive towards the west coast around Menjangan island.

However besides Menjangan being one of the best places for diving, just off the coast of you can do some snorkeling as well.


bali scuba diving pemuteran
Resort Dive operator in Pemuteran


Most of the resorts have their own dive center while in the village along the main road there are dive operators like Easy Divers and Yos Dive that offer Padi courses too. They also provide the possibility to charter a boat while offering guided dives.

The beaches in in this part of the island are also far nicer than the ones in the south of Bali. From what we have experienced there are beautiful stretches of beach in front of Taman Salini and Taman Sari hotel.


beach at taman sari pemuteran
From several beach resorts you can find rehabilitated coral gardens, great for snorkeling...


We have also found a deserted beach that is really eye-catching. To get there you need to find a little red sign on the side of the road pointing towards the sea side with 'Pura Pucak Gunung Beratan Pemuteran' on it. It's somewhere near Adi Assri and Taman Salini.

Sounds a bit vague, but I'm sure that once you are there you will easily spot it.


pemuteran beach bali
You can still find secluded beaches here...


When you want to do something cultural then there's Pura Tirta Pulaki. With the mountain wall looming behind the complex, this recently restored temple is a pretty mystical sight.

But while you admire this temple, beware of the naughty monkeys. Like in other places in Bali they can get pretty aggressive so watch out that they don't snatch away your sunglasses, bottles of water or even worse your camera.


temple at pemuteran bali
One part of Pura Tirta Pulaki


Besides diving you can also go hiking at West Bali National Park (also known as Bali Barat National Park). If you are lucky enough you might spot the Bali Starling in its natural environment. This beautiful bird is only found on this island. You can arrange trekking tours (around USD30) and bird watching tours (around USD55) at the resorts.

But you can also drive to Labuhan Lalang (the same location if you want to go snorkeling at Menjangan island) were park rangers can arrange the necessary papers and a guide.


snorkeling and diving at menjangan island bali
At Labuhan Lalang you can arrange snorkeling and hiking tours...


Here at the National Park office they offer one day trekking tours. Tours can also start at Cekik village on the other side of West Bali National Park. You need an authorized guide to get into the park and depending how long you want to go the price ranges between USD 15 and USD 50 excluding transport and food.

If you return to Pemuteran village after a dive or tour make sure you make some time to visit the Turtle Hatchery at the dive resort Reef Seen. Their turtle breeding and release program aims to increase the survival chances of turtles. They do this by conservation awareness among villager plus they actually keep hatchlings so they can grow big enough to survive the open sea.

You can help them out by becoming a sponsor and if they are planning a turtle release, you can actually join them.


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Compared to other villages in Bali you won't find an abundance of choice of restaurants in Pemuteran. You can either eat at the resorts or go for a stroll along the main road and check out the small number of local warungs.

Over the years more local Balinese have opened restaurants, usually in conjunction with a homestay. Here you can taste freshly prepared dishes of which the grilled fish the best.


resort restaurant pemuteran bali
Restaurant at Pondok Sari


Other options are the restaurants at the resorts. From what we know none of them specifically try to serve local products or organic ingredients as much as possible. But of course, they do have Indonesian specialities on their menu.

When you are staying more then a couple of days it can be pretty difficult to find something different. We shameless admit that we even thought the Greek Restaurant at Taman Selini was a delicious change. They are known for their food so for a guaranteed good lunch or dinner you can always go there.

If you solely want to eat healthy conscious food where organic and local products are used whenever possible stay a few days at villa Puri Ganesha. The owner, Diana is a well known raw food chef and in her restaurant she mixes her skills into the delicious menu that varies from local dishes to strictly vegetarian. Red meat is not served here, only local chicken, fish and other ingredients.

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Places to stay

As mentioned earlier the majority of the Bali accommodations are big resorts along the beach. Eco oriented hotels and resorts are almost non-existent here however the ones that you do find in Pemuteran seem to be more conscious then in the south of Bali. Perhaps owners who do choose to create a business here do so because of the beauty of the area and therefore take steps to maintain it.

Coral protection initiatives and/or community support are are part of their philosophy at the following resorts:

reef seen accommodation pemuteran baliReef Seen
The wonderful thing about this little resort at the beach, besides only having 8 rooms, is that they focus on what they are most passionate about. Here everything evolves around diving and marine conservation. They keep the rates for their accommodation pretty low as they want visitors to fully enjoy their diving holiday.

Rooms with garden view have either an air conditioning or a fan and only cold water. The sea view rooms have hot water plus air conditioning. So if you need a piece of luxury then it is available.

On their premises you can visit the Turtle Hatchery where you can see cute turtles. The beach is also just a couple of meters away, so you'll have easy access to Pemuteran beach. You can also watch and join a local dance group who practice here.

puri ganesha bali beach resortPuri Ganesha Villas
This Bali boutique resort has 4 extraordinary villas located far away and it is hidden from all the craziness in life. Here you will enter a world of taste (and I don't only mean the villa's interior but the food too) and charm that will make you want to stay much much longer.

The owners are also very much involved with the community. All staff members are from the village and their Pemuteran Children Foundation aims at providing chances for children living under the poverty line. The foundation has provided children with shoes, uniforms, working experience and further education possibilities. (around USD550-USD877 p.n. min 2 nights, high season min 5 nights)

matahari beach resort and spa baliMatahari Beach Resort & Spa
As soon you enter this Bali beach resort you will be surrounded by the beautiful Balinese atmosphere and decorations.
On the premises you will find nice Balinese details while decorations in the rooms are all made locally.

Besides its beautiful setting and ensuring a relaxing holiday Matahari is actively involved in supporting the nearby community by providing basic education to children, creating a community meeting area 'Bale' for the villagers and financially supporting the 'Benih Kasih', a home for less fortunate children and orphans. (around US$100-US$500)

taman sari pemuteran baliTaman Sari Bali Resort & Spa
Taman Sari has villas, suites and deluxe rooms. The villas are really massive and look more like private houses with swimming pools.

The suites and deluxe rooms are set in a tropical garden. The whole resort is pretty big including their stretch of beach. This mid range accommodation is a good place to do some snorkeling since the resort has joined the local coral restoration project. (around US$45-USD$150 per night)

homestays pemuteran baliHome stays
Besides resorts there are also home stays in the village. All of them are located on the mountain side of the the main road, so you won't have direct access to the beach.

But if you plan to do some serious scuba diving only and don't want to spend too much on Bali accommodation then a homestay might be an option as most of them are owned by private dive shops in the village.

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