• Ready for a swim?

    Singsing waterfall might not be the tallest or most popular, but it is definitely great
    fun to visit. Chances are you will have the whole place to yourselves.

  • Lovina surroundings

    There is a busy main road that crosses the north of Bali and passes Lovina. The landscape
    around it has luckily remained just as attractive despite the heavy traffic.

  • Flowers of Bali

    The Frangipani flower and tree can be found at almost every garden in Bali. Not only is it
    a beautiful flower, but the smell is just a nice.

  • Tending the rice fields

    Farmers tend their fields every day. Usually you will see a lonely farmer checking out his
    crop, but during harvest time other farmers lend a hand.

Take a refreshing dip in the Singsing Waterfalls...

Air terjun Singsing, or Singsing Waterfall is located only 15 minutes by car or motorbike from Kalibukbuk in Lovina Bali. If you drive from Kalibubuk towards Temukus you will see a little white sign indicating the waterfall, here is where you turn left.

It’s not difficult to find it afterwards as villagers will happily welcome you and show you the way to the waterfall. There is a clear path to the waterfalls, but it does make it easier to follow one of the villagers.

When we were there we didn't really ask for a guide. Two villagers who were relaxing on their motorbikes and smoking a cigarette like only the Indonesians can do, just happened to lead us through some fields with fruit trees, grazing cows and a small path along the river.

After a small walk of about 5 minutes we arrived at the waterfall. The natural waterfall might look small, but it is a beautiful sight. The water tumbles into a small pool which then flows pass rocks into a small river covered by green vegetation.

It was like a picture from a book…


monico at sing sing waterfalls lovina
Happy as can be


We were there during the dry season, so the water was pretty low. We could cross the river easily by walking over the rocks. When we were admiring the view, one ‘guide’ suggested to take us to the second waterfall, which is bigger and higher up...

By that time and after several experiences at other sights, we just didn't want to deal with so-called-guides who would accompany you all the way. Especially if you feel like you didn't need a guide at the first place, since all the signs etc are so obvious.

In most cases like these somebody would tag along and act as a 'guide' and at the end ask a inappropriate fee. We don't mind paying if that person would tell us he is a guide and indicated a reasonable price first.

So right at this moment, after finding the first waterfall so easily we made a slight mistake...

We told the villagers that we were already happy with where we were and that we didn't want to go any further up. We gave them a tip and they left...


surroundings at waterfall lovina
The picturesque waterfall setting…


As you can guess, we decided to find the big waterfall ourselves. The small waterfall was not that hard to find, so how hard would it be to find the next one?


We didn't find it. We climbed up several paths until it seemed too dangerous to go any further. We were immediately punished for our mistake.

So let this be a lesson if you go and visit Sing sing Waterfalls...

Just follow the so-called-guides up to the second waterfall but don’t forget to ask how much they want first. Bargain if you think the price is too high...

I think it is worth going to the second waterfall, because I heard that there is even a mud bath that is supposedly good for you skin. Sounds like fun to have a mud fight in this beautiful waterfall setting.


dip in sing sing waterfalls lovina bali
Its freezing but worth the plunge...


So at the end, we had a blast at the small waterfall. The water was freezing, but we gritted our teeth and jumped in. It was refreshing and just terrific to be able to swim in a place so breathtaking.

If you feel like exploring other waterfalls in the north of Bali then head to the Git Git Waterfalls which is located about 1 hour away from Lovina towards Singaraja. An other option is to go on a day trip from Lovina and pass Munduk to check out the Red Coral Waterfall while continuing to Lake Tamblingan and Bratan.

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