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Tekor Restaurant, where East meets West

Tekor Restaurant and Bar is a popular sea food restaurant at Double Six, Legian. This beach side restaurant offers a wide range of fresh fish and seafood dishes prepared in different ways.

Dishes include fried, steamed, grilled, baked fish together with pasta, sauteed potatoes or rice. On the menu you can immediately see that the cook has taken the best of every part of the world and created these wonderful dishes.


tekor restuarant kuta beach bali
During the day it is pretty busy too


The restaurant with an open air setting is just at Legian beach providing you a cool evening breeze when you are enjoying your dinner.

The friendly waitresses dressed in beautiful orange colored kebayas will help you with your order.

There is also fresh caught fish displayed at the entrance of the restaurant...so you can just point out to the waitress which one you want to have served on your plate.

I will guarantee you that you will have a hard time choosing what you want to eat from the menu. The dishes don’t even sound yummy they are...!


kuta beach tekor bali restaurant
My girlfriends mom has become a regular here too...


I shamelessly have to admit that I have eaten there many times and I always order the snapper in pesto. I know it sounds culinary boring to eat the same thing every time, but I just can’t resist.

Fortunately my family and friends have ordered other dishes as well and just like me they thought is was a great place.

I do have to warn you if you want to order a Balinese dish though. It can be really spicy


coco wahab tekor restaurant bali
While waiting for your dinner you can enjoy great sunsets


A friend of ours ordered the shrimp pepes (shrimp paste roasted in banana leaves) and it was so spicy that when I tried a bite my tongue started to tingle painfully.

Heroically my friend ate the whole dish because despite the burning sensation, it tasted so good. If you are brave enough to give it a try...don’t forget to mention that you don’t want it too spicy.

So if you are in Bali and are staying around Legian you should definitely go to this place...you will become a regular too.

Double Six (Arjuna)
Tel: (+61 361) 735268

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