• Traveling with Kids

    Bali is a perfect destination to go to with kids. Compared to other Asian countries it is
    pretty well organized and there are lots of great things to do.

  • Swim at Amed

    While the south is very busy and the waves there can get tricky, Amed is a quiet part of
    Bali where the water is a calm as a swimming pool. Ideal for swimming.

  • Meet the Balinese monkeys

    When traveling through Bali you will encounter groups of monkeys here and there. For an
    up close meeting head to the famous Ubud Monkey Forest.

  • Balinese life

    Touring around the island or going on a day trip gives you the perfect opportunity to leave
    the tourist scene behind and to discover how the Balinese really spend their days...

Fun, thrilling and active things to do in Bali with kids

Generally children aren't really that demanding during their holiday. So if you provide them with a beach or pool and great food such as ice cream, hamburgers and fries then they are pretty much as happy as they can be.

Once you arrive in Bali you will soon realize that besides the great beach, pool and food there are many other wonderful and unique things to do in with kids which you will not be able to do anywhere else.

Dragging them from one temple to the other will not do you any good so here are some of the many activities families can do on their holiday in Bali:

things to do in bali with kids green campFamily Green Camp
These 3-day family camps are organized by the Green School in Bali and will take you off the beaten track. Besides fun eco activities the camp will take you through the jungle and along the rivers on Bali. Places you would otherwise never go.

If one day of adventure is enough for you then you can go for one day too. On this day you can expect to learn great things such as offering making, rice farming and organic gardens followed by a dip in a natural pool. One day adventure is only available in the month September.

things to do with children in bali parksVisit a park
Bali has many animal parks of which the biggest and popular are the Monkey Forest, the Bali Bird Park (Taman Burung Bali), the Bali Safari and Marine Park and the Bali Elephant Taro park. However the smaller the Butterfly Park is also great fun for families.

The parks offer the chance for children to see and learn about animals from all over the world. Shows are held and at some occasions there is an opportunity to touch or hold an animal and even ride an elephant. Definitely an unforgettable day for young and old...

bali course with kidsJoin a course
Following a course might not come up as the first things to do with kids but besides courses for adults there are courses which can be perfect for older children.

The largest choice of courses are held in Ubud at Museum Puri Lukisan or the Pondok Pekak Library and range from Balinese dancing to learning to play the Gamelan, fruit cutting, wood carving etc. You might even discover the artistic side of your child during your holiday. If your kids don't feel like learning but prefer watching then the Barong & Kris dance and the Kecak dance are very entertaining

ricefield walk with kids in baliThe Rice fields
There is an easy walking trail in Ubud that takes you through the rice fields. The hike isn't difficult and takes about 1,5 hour to do.

During the little hike you will see rice farmers, birds, dragonflies and ducks. The best time to go is towards the end of the afternoon when it gets cooler.

Taking a long walk like this is probably best for children around 10 years old or a little bit older depending on their fondness for walking ;-).

tree top climbing baliTree Climbing
About an hour north from Ubud you can find the Bali Treetop Adventure Park. Here ladders, nets, rope, cables and other equipment are attached to trees enabling young and old to climb high up.

It is a fun activity that allow your children to safely view the world from the top of the trees and perhaps even loose their fear of heights. Staff are there to assist you and the activity ranges from easy to difficult so it fits all ages.

bali biking with kidsBike tour
If your child is familiar with riding a bike then they can easily join a Bali bike tour. It sounds tough but this tour provides bikes in all sizes and involves only downhill cycling through small, quiet villages, pass ancient temples and along stunning rice fields.

Whether you are fit or not or young or old, everybody can join. The guide always keeps an eye on every cyclist and there is even a car tagging along just in case somebody needs a ride. Joining a bike tour is a fun experience and a good way to discover more of the island.

bali with kids raftingWhite Water Rafting
Children from 7 years and older can join one of the most adventurous rides through Bali: white water rafting tours. There are many companies to choose from which will take you along the Ayung or the Telega Waja river.

It might seem to rough for the little ones, but all rafting companies meet international standard while guides are fully trained. So you will be in safe hands. Tours usually include pickup and lunch. So you will be all taken care of for the whole morning or afternoon. Popular rafting companies are Sobek, Alam Rafting and Bali Adventure.

bali chocolate tour with kidsChocolate Tours
Located on the grounds of Bali Elephant Camp you can visit Pod Chocolate. Here you can learn everything for A to Z about chocolate. Kids can have the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" experience but in a Balinese way. Of course there will be enough possibilities for some serious chocolate making and tasting. Tours last about 2 hours.

At Pod the chocolate is produced organically and local farmers are fully involved. This is a beautiful example that shows that community involvement and environmental consciousness can create an amazing product.

bali surfing with kidsSurfing lesson
Bali is famous for its surfing and children can join the fun. There are many surf schools that give lessons to young first timers.

Kids who are already familiar with a surfing board can join too so there is assistance at all times. The best places to join up for a day of surfing is at Kuta beach. Body boarding is an other great option if you prefer them not to go too far into sea.

horse riding in bali with kidsHorseback riding
There are several stables in Bali such as Bali Island Horse which offer great possibilities for horse back riding. You can either take lessons nearby or go for a ride along the beach and through the rice fields.

At Bali horse adventure they even offer Pony Camps where children can spend 1-day or 5- days riding and connecting with the horses while taking care of them too. The stables apply equipment and safety regulations according to European standards.

bali festivals with kidsYearly Events
There are many great events in Bali that are held yearly and a great fun to go to with children. For example the day before Nyepi there is the Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Best places to go are Jalan Dyana Pura, also called Jalan Caplak Tanduk in Seminyak and Puputan Square in Denpasar.

Another great event is the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival where many activities are organized for children. Other great festivals are the Sanur Kite Festival and the Nusa Dua Cultural Festival.

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