• Art Market

    In the morning the local people do their shopping at Ubud market, while in the afternoon
    it is transformed into a place to get your souvenirs.

  • Shrine and offerings

    Not surprisingly there is a beautiful shrine at Ubud market, where everybody place their
    daily offerings. As always, an amazing sight.

  • Offerings for sale

    The markets in Bali are extremely colorful. Not only because of the variety of fruit and
    vegetables they sell, but mainly for the numerous flowers sold for offerings.

  • Take-away lunch

    Nasi bungkus means wrapped rice. Everywhere at the market you can find women selling a
    variety of dishes which is then wrapped with rice for a perfect lunch.

Ubud Market, always an exciting shopping experience...

Ubud Market is located at the junction of Jalan Raya and Jalan Monkey Forest across the street from the Royal Palace and temple. Every day before sunrise the local people of Ubud gather at the morning market to buy their daily groceries, offerings, cakes and clothes.

Later in the morning, the market transforms itself into the Ubud traditional art market where travellers can find all the things he or she can imagine: masks, bags, rattan-goods, paintings and plenty of other arts and crafts.


vegetables at ubud market
Fruit and vegetables are sometimes still sold in the afternoon


Once I woke up early and headed to the market. While I was still strolling around with my sleepy eyes, the market was already up and about and local Balinese were buying the goods they needed. The light and colors of the market this early are worth the trip. Fruit is piled neatly while other Balinese sell big baskets filled with flowers and flower petals used for daily decorations and offerings.

There are even women selling complete offerings for those who can't find time to prepare those astonishing offerings.
Well, actually that is not surprising as life in Ubud must have become more busier compared to the past when there were only dirt roads and Ubud was nothing more than a small agricultural village.


seller at ubud market
Women selling things made out of banana leaves


women at ubud market bali
Flowers for sale for decorations and offerings


Besides stalls outside, the market continues inside the building as well. So you can actually stroll around for hours while watching this fascinating market scene.

Don't forget to treat yourself to one of the colorful cakes wrapped in banana leaves. These are typical Indonesian cakes and a sweet way to start the day...

Later in the afternoon there are still some stalls open that sell fruit and vegetables. So if you are a late riser, there is still a lot to see. But mostly around this time of day the market has transformed into the Ubud art market.

On both sides of the narrow alleys are tiny shops selling particular goods. Some shops only sell rattan products or sarongs and have their things stacked high until it touches the ceiling. Others sell wooden crafts like masks and statues together with paintings.

There is too much to see and definitely too much to buy. Just stroll around a couple of times and if you see something you like you must start bargaining, usually at 50% of what the seller asks


baskets at ubud market bali
The colorful baskets stacked all the way up...


sarongs ubud market bali
Enough Bali Sarongs to choose from


But don’t forget, if you think it is worth it and you are happy with the price they offer, just go for it. Don't hassle too much.

Once a deal is made the seller usually says that you have brought luck to her that day and she hits the bank notes on her other goods so the luck will rub off on them too.

If you can't find what you're looking for have a look at the many boutiques and art galleries along Jalan Raya Ubud, Jalan Hanoman and Jalan Monkey Forest. I'm sure you'll find out why so many people like shopping in Ubud.

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