• Natural spa ingredients

    The best thing about going to a spa in Bali is that the message oils and other pastes are
    all naturally made grind herbs. No extra chemicals added.

  • The scent of...

    The Frangipani flower can be found everywhere on on the island. In trees, as decoration
    and behind the ears of the Balinese. The scent will definitely remind you of Bali...

  • Offerings

    Offerings are placed everywhere. However some spots are just eye-catching, especially if
    there are piles of them placed on an ancient looking shrine.

  • Spa right in the rice fields

    You would think you will have to pay more for an unique location in the rice fields. In
    this case, pretty much everybody can enjoy this spa at this first class location.

Ubud spa, one of those places where you must pamper yourself...


A visit to a Ubud spa is probably one of best things you can treat yourself to during your stay there. While spa treatments are offered everywhere on the island, Ubud's location and surroundings provide ample possibilities to offer a spa in a beautiful setting. Some are located in or have views of the rice fields, while others are set along the river gorge or in a beautiful flower garden.

If you want to whole package, don't just go for the message alone but go for the whole picture...


ubud spa


Most of the spa's in Ubud are hidden behind walls, found in resorts or tucked away in narrow alleys. So usually it is best to get a name and address before hand, so you won't end up wondering through town without finding a descent place.

For full luxury and the ultimate spa location head to the spa at Maya Ubud Resort. For a cheaper yet nice option head to Bliss Spa, Sedona Spa or Sang Spa 2. All three are beautiful located or have nice treatment rooms for total relaxation.

Remember going to the spa in Ubud seems to be very popular, especially in the late afternoon. The first time we wanted to go to a spa, most of them were fully booked till 9 PM. So just to be sure, book ahead.

Most spas are located along Jalan Monkey Forest, but there are other professional and good spas in the north of the village as well.

Here are a couple of spas which we experienced for ourselves and had a wonderful Bali spa treatment:

We also visited the Botanica day spa, however we were far too relaxed and forgot to take pictures. Nevertheless, this spa is one to remember when in Ubud.

Pertenin Spa

If you are looking for a really memorable spa experience then you will find it at Pertenin Spa. Not only is the massage here one of the best we had so far on the island but the rooms are beautifully decorated and most importantly everything is clean and well maintained.


room pertenin spa ubud
Massage room at Pertenin Ubud


They have all kinds of treatments: facials, massages and hand and legs treatments. It's very tempting to go for a combination of treatments as they have very attractive packages and the prices are very reasonable.

The facial and Balinese massage package of 2 hours is just RP. 155.000 while the most extensive package of 4 hours is Rp.300.000. But expect the whole thing: hair treatment, facial, Balinese massage, body scrub, body mask, ending in a flower bath.

You'll probably won't need to relax any more for the rest of your holiday after this!


bathroom pertenin spa ubud
Soak in the flower bath after your massage...



Make sure you at least call a day before if you want to be sure you can go the following day. They are often fully booked if you just walk in.

Pertenin Body Care
Jl. Jatayu, Padang Tegal Kelod, UBUD
Tel: (+62 361) 972834

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Cantika Alami (2)

This spa has probably the best location in Ubud, smack in the middle of the rice fields. You can't even get there by car. It is either by motorbike or by foot. Luckily it is easy to reach so you won't need to make that much effort for a relaxing spa treatment.

ubud spa ricefields cantika alami

To get to Cantika Alami go from Ubud center to Campuhan area along Jalan Raya Ubud. Before the road turns into Jalan Campuhan and before you enter the part where ancient trees hang above the road you will see a path on your right leading to the rice fields.

Look really hard and eventually you will see the sign of Cantika Alami Spa soon enough. It is also on the way to Sari Organik Restaurant.

Besides having the best location in town, the style of this spa fits perfectly in the whole setting. Their rooms are in grass thatched semi open buildings set in a beautiful tropical garden. All spa treatment areas are clean and nicely decorated with natural colors and light azule blue tiles.


cantika alami ubud spa
The spa blends in with its surroundings...

When we arrived we were immediately given a list of their spa treatments. At the first glance we were pleasantly surprised. Intensive facial beauty treatment of 1 hour is just Rp125.000 while a full body message of 1 hour is Rp150.000.

For manicures, pedicures and foot massages you will pay less then Rp. 80.000 which is great considering you have full view over the rice fields while your toenails are getting a color.

As always we went for the one hour full body message. While we dozed off the professional message therapists relaxed all our muscles together with stretching and pulling our legs and arms which to our surprise felt tremendously good. The 1 hour flew by in seconds....


cantika alami ubud spa in the ricefields
Spacious message rooms with sounds from the rice fields

At the end of the massage we were able to get a shower and use their homemade natural shower products. Their cream smells especially good and if you like you can purchase some bottles there too.

One little thing we should warn you about when going to this spa. The message rooms are set next to each other and since the ceiling is not closed off you can easily hear the other people next door. So if you don't want to be disturbed by chatty neighbors avoid going here during the early morning and late afternoon when it is at its busiest.

ubud spa experience in the ricefields

If you want to call them for an appointment make sure you tell them you want to book for this specific spa. Cantika Alami also has a spa in Ubud Penestanan under the same name.

Jalan Sok Waya Ubud
Tel: (+62)361 7944425

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Verona Spa

Verona Spa is located on Jalan Monkey Forest and it is built right next to the rice fields, so while receiving a body-massage we were far away from the noisy road and we could only hear the ducks quacking in the back ground.

This Spa offers a wide range of treatments. This time we went for the 1-hour Honey Bath Treatment. This included a full-body massage with honey and oil followed by a scrub, a honey body mask and last but not least a dip in the flower scented bath overlooking the fields of gold.


entrance verona spa ubud
Verona spa is tucked away on Jalan Monkey Forest...


Other body-massage treatments are the Tropical fruit bath, Milk Bath, Sea Salt Scrub to remove dead skin and Balinese Boreh to stimulate blood circulation.

These body-massages usually last 1 tot 1,5 hour and the prices range from Rp. 100.000 to 150.000. These are really reasonable prices compared to other spas in Ubud.

Besides body-massages the spa also has facial and hair treatments and manicures and pedicures. All these body treatments include a massage of the neck, shoulders and arms or feet and lower legs.

For Rp. 75.000 or less (depending on the treatment) you will receive 1 hour of luxury and beautiful hair, face or nails in the end...


verona spa room ubud bali
Flower petal bath in the middle of the rice fields


If you want to really spoil yourself, go for the spa packages. These are often a combination of a body-massage with two or more smaller treatments such as a facial or hair cream bath. There is even a possibility to create your own package. Make sure you don't make other plans though; these packages can last for 3 hours or more…!

The spa is open daily from 9 am to 9 PM. They offer free pick up so you don’t have to search for them along Jalan Monkey Forest.

Just call 0361-970975 or 0361-970978 and you are on your way for some pampering... 

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