• Daily offerings

    At certain places every where in town you can find shrines with colorful offerings which
    are placed daily for the gods.

  • Rice terraces in Ubud

    The great thing about the rice fields of Ubud is that you can easily wander through them.
    The dirt paths will lead you straight through them.

  • Ubud Market

    Local and travelers love going to the market of Ubud. In the morning it is the place to get
    vegetables, fruit and offerings while in the afternoon beautiful souvenirs are sold.

  • The flower of Bali?

    The frangipanni flower always reminds me of Bali. I know you can find it at other places in
    in the world, but once you've been to Bali you will associate this flower with this island too.

Wake up to the sounds of birds at Villa Pererepan Ubud...book now

The Eco Villa Pererepan is made for for those who fully appreciate natures wonders. Set along the Petanu river valley, surrounded by gardens and jungle and offering amazing views, the villa offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bali. Wake up to the sound of the birds and be welcomed by fire-flies once the sun has set.


private eco villa pererepan bali


This private villa is mainly built and furnished with natural materials. There semi-open bathroom overlooks the jungle just as the is a small kitchenette. Breakfast is served whenever suits you best while their dishes are prepared with organic ingredients from their garden.

Villa Pererepan with private pool is part of Villa Awang Awang, a small villa complex of 4 villas, located about 10 minutes from Ubud making this cultural hub easily accessible.

We were curious to know more about the this eco villa nearby Ubud and who the owners are. Ann Schioldann has been so kind to answer our questions.

Who are the owners of Villa Pererepan and why did they choose to build Villa Pererepan?

Villa Pererepan is owned by a retired psychiatrist and his wife who wanted to construct a dwelling from natural materials which would blend with nature and have minimal impact in the environment.

When was Villa Pererepan built and why was a different concept used in building the villa?

Villa Awang Awang was built in 2005. During the following years it became increasingly clear that the rampant hotel and villa construction using non sustainable material was having a hugely detrimental effect on the environment and we wanted to explore other methods. Villa Pererepan was completed in 2011.


bedroom villa pererepan ubud bali


The architect of Villa Pererepan, Agung Putradhyana designed the villa. Please tell us more about him and how he was able to play a major role in creating the villa.

We met Agung Putradhyana, an architect trained at Udayana University and Utrecht The Netherlands, at a Global Healing Conference in Bali in 2007 and were impressed with his vision and passion for environmental issues facing Bali .

The design is completely his own, we only asked that, as far as possible, local and recyclable materials be used. He based his design on one of nature's great mysteries called the Golden Section or the Golden Ratio. It encompasses the harmonic and symmetrical principles behind nature itself. Nature expresses the golden section through a series of whole numbers - the Fibonacci series. Both the villa and the plunge pool are based on the Fibonacci golden spiral.

What are the 3 eco actions you apply in and around the villa of which you are the most proud of?

1. Use of aerobic sewerage treatment (Indo-Bio) which enables waste to be recycled to the gardens.
2. Use of a pelton wheel near the river to run a small turbine for electricity.
3. Windows and doors constructed using a simple pivot system to catch the river breeze and eliminate the need for air-conditioning

What is your favorite thing about the Villa?

One of my favorite things are the light shades hanging from the ceiling made by a very old Balinese man who loves to make things from found organic materials.


semi open bathroom villa in bali


Which eco initiatives should existing accommodations at least apply in order to sustain Bali's cultural and natural environment?

Stop the use of normal septic tanks to avoid polluting the water table.
Use water saving fittings on showers and toilets.
Explore alternative energy sources , e.g. solar power

What challenges will Ubud face this coming decade? Which sustainable initiative are therefore crucial for future developers in your opinion?

Challenges are loss of agricultural land, overdevelopment, deforestation, coral reef damage and water supply, inappropriate waste and sewerage disposal and air and water pollution. The government needs to limit further development and ensure that environmental initiatives are addressed before issuing building permits.

What is the most important tip you want to share with travellers to Bali on decreasing the environmental impact on the island?

We encourage guests to bring their own re-usable carry bags and not to use plastic bags. Bring a refillable water bottle and fill from our large 20 liter containers or use the refill stations at restaurants and cafes.


balcony view pererepan villa ubud


The owners of Villa Pererepan have proven that things need to change in Bali and that it is possible. In order to ensure that Bali will be able to attract travelers from all over the world for its stunning nature and culture, developers and more specifically the government need to focus on sustainable development.

Existing businesses could also play a major role. It might not be possible to make their accommodation as eco as Villa Pererepan but they should at least do all the best they can. It might be a big investment that they are not happy to take today, but in the long run it will increase the chances of keeping Bali as it is...

Address:book now
Jl. Melayang.
Tel: +62 3618987845

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