• The ever changing rice fields

    Rice fields are continuously changing. Therefore always try to return to specific rice
    fields again and be surprised how different it looks every time again.

  • Afternoon walks

    The best time to go walking through the rice fields is towards the end of the afternoon
    The colors of the fields are at its best.

  • Rice field nearby Campuhan

    One of the best things you can do when in Ubud is to head to the nearby rice fields in
    Campuhan area. Here you can wander by yourself without getting lost...

  • Offerings for Dewi Sri

    Not surprisingly you will find shrines at certain places in the rice fields. These are to place
    the daily offerings for the rice goddess Dewi Sri.

Explore the area on the walks around Ubud....

Besides strolling along Monkey Forest road, there are other walks around Ubud that will lead you along beautiful scenic lush green rice fields and river paths. Most walks are around the Campuhan ridge. This village hamlet is known as a sacred area and means ‘where two rivers meet’. The two rivers are Sungai Wos and Sungai Agung.


monico in the rice fields
When you visit Bali make sure you take a stroll through the rice fields


This river valley has created a stunning area for easy hikes. Unlike the famous Tegalalang rice terrace located nearby Ubud, the rice fields of Campuhan are easily accessible so it is a wonderful opportunity to walk along and through the fields.

The walks aren't really clearly indicated, but we consider that part of the fun. Don't worry about getting lost. If you stick to the paths then you can't really end up in the middle of now where.

We even once took a path along the rice field just north of Campuhan and ended up crossing a wobbly bamboo bridge. I don't think this bridge was meant for us to cross, nevertheless we did have a wonderful time.

To be on the safe side start your walk either at the temple near Ibah Hotel for a walk along Campuhan ridge or go to Jalan Kajeng, from where you can follow a path towards the rice fields.


ubud walks bali


The latter option is our favorite. As mentioned this hike commences at the end of the small road called Jalan Kajeng (near the Starbucks, which sadly opened its doors here a couple of years ago). Once at the end of this road continue walking towards the north. From here the path is really well indicated and you will soon find yourself crossing the rice fields and ending up down at Campuhan.

At some moments you might wonder whether you are still on the right path or not, especially when walking on a narrow cement path that serves as a barrier between the river and land where cows look at you as if they've been smoking something.

But just keep on walking until you find a bridge that crosses the river to the left. You will immediately see a sign showing you the way to the organic restaurant ‘Sari Organik’. Simply follow the signs and you’ll be heading back to the busy streets of Ubud.


ubud walks river in ricefields



This is probably one of the best known Ubud trek which is you can without a guide. Hence a great low cost activity for those traveling on a budget. This walk will only cost you a bit of energy ;-)

I enjoy doing these walks late in the afternoon, when the sun is almost touching the horizon and its rays create a beautiful color over the fields. This is also the time to see many locals working in groups in the fields since it isn't so hot anymore

The Balinese rice-farmers help each other in the fields as they are all included in a farmers-community, called Subak. Here, all farmers who have their fields in a specific irrigation system are represented and together they make decisions concerning the production of rice.

This also includes problems and maintenance on the irrigation system, use of pesticides, when to sow, to harvest, when to organise traditional ceremonies etc.



ubud walks working together
Working together in the fields


Each subak also has their own temple where they worship Dewi Sri, the goddess of the rice. In the fields you can also find little shrines where offerings are placed in order to ensure a good outcome of rice yields.

Just as many objects, rice plays an important part in the Balinese religion and is considered sacred. That is why you will often see rice in daily offerings or on the foreheads and necks of the Balinese people.


ubud walks placing offerings
Placing offerings...

Towards the end of the day you will also run into people walking back home after a days work, carrying loads of wood and other plants on their head. At this time of day children also head towards the rice-fields to fly their kites.

Ducks are also very prominent in the rice fields and are of importance for a successful rice yield. Every day farmers lead their ducks into their rice fields so they can eat the pests. The ducks also provide a natural fertilizer with their droppings...

It’s a wonderful sight to see those ducks wobbling along the narrow rice field paths. Especially when their caretaker is with them and is leading the way...

You can hear him yelling ‘mari, mari, mari…’ (go, go, go…) while the ducks follow his orders.


ubud walks ducks in ricefields
Doing their business...


Do try to plan a walk during your stay in Ubud as it really on of the best things to do in town. The walks can take up to 1.5 hour. Make sure you don't leave too late because it can get dark pretty fast. Also, don't forget to bring some water with you.

If you are a bit unsure about going off by yourself there are tours like Bird watching or Herb walks that include great walks through Ubud's rice fields too.

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