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Warung Pregina, Balinese Food Served With A Welcoming Atmosphere...

Warung Pregina in Sanur is one of the best places to try real Bali food. It's located right on Jalan Danau Tamblingan, so not hard to miss.

The restaurant is beautiful decorated with dark wooden furniture, on the wall there are many pictures of how Bali looked like in the past and on the ceiling they have created a very original lamp: a boat hung up side down with light bulbs inside...


warung pregina jalan tamblingan sanur
This warung is a must when in visiting Sanur...


Besides the beautiful setting, the menu is just as good to look at...

A large variety of Balinese dishes are offered, such as the famous sate Betutut siap (roast chicken with yam leaf), the Nasi Goreng Bali and the coconut curry dishes chucked with vegetables and chicken or tofu for the vegetarians among us.


warung pregina sanur interior


warung pregina bali restaurant sanur
Great place to try Balinese food!


Other great typical Balinese dishes at Pregina are Pepes be pasih (fish in banana leaf), grilled prawns in traditional sauce, Nasi Campur Bali (rice with various dishes on the side), urab (steamed vegetables with grated coconut).

The bestseller at Pregina is the crispy or stew duck. Well, if that's the bestseller than I was sure to try it out!

Pretty tasty. But don't hesitate to eat with your hands...That makes it much easier!


stew duck warung pregina sanur
Trying out Pregina's bestseller with vegetable curry on the side


But if you just feel like something different than Balinese food, they also have nice salads, including a fresh salmon salad that tasted super delicious.

If you don't want it too spicy remember to mention it when you place your order. The food can sometimes be really hot...


nasi campur bali warung pregina sanur
Nasi Campur Bali vegetarian style


My dad had to gulp a few glasses of water to get rid of the painful tingle in his tongue.

So if you are in Sanur you should definitely pay a visit to this warung. This is one of those restaurants in town where you are guaranteed to have a delicious lunch or dinner.

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