• Black sanded beaches

    Black sanded beaches dominate the western coast of Bali. It might not be the standard
    tropical picture which you are used to, but a couple of them are worth the visit.

  • Pemuteran beach

    Tourism is slowly discovering Pemuteran. However despite the string of resorts, the
    beaches remain quiet. Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

  • Boats at Labuhan Lalang

    Arrive early in the morning at the jetty to arrange a local boat to take you out to
    Menjangan island. This tiny island is surrounded by amazing coral reef.

  • Walking along Balian Beach

    An other great place to escape the crowd is Balian beach. The soft clean sand is ideal
    for a long stroll. Chances are you won't run into anyone...

The deserted West Bali Beaches...

Most of the beaches in West Bali are hugging the main road from Gilimanuk to Tabanan. Even though this road is one of the main roads on the island it is still worth going as you'll not only encounter deserted beaches, coconut plantations, sleepy fishing villages, Bali's only National Park but also the best island for diving and snorkeling.

Soka Beach

Soka Beach is hard to find as the only thing you'll see is a huge restaurant with a garden that faces the sea.

This place is visited by Indonesian day tourists from Java and it's one of the first restaurants you come across when you are on your way to Denpasar from Gilimanuk.

Anyway, if you want to go to the beach you have to pay an entrance fee, which is pretty ridiculous for an area which is mainly a garden with places to sit and have a picnic, the beach is not even accessible.

So time to skip this place...

soka beach west bali
Peace and quiet at this beach...

Nonetheless about 50m south there's a great stretch of beach. Turn left on the first road you see after passing the restaurant. The road looks pretty steep but is accessible by motorbike.

The beach has black sand but looks gorgeous with the long row of palm trees. I wouldn't go swimming here even though it's deserted. There might be strong currents and since there are no other swimmers and surfers here, there will be nobody to rescue you.

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Balian Beach

Balian Beach is a hidden treasure if you are looking for a place to leave the dirty south behind. Here you can catch some waves, have a BBQ when the sun goes down and chill at those low-key restaurants lining the beach.

Another advantage, there are no hawkers along the beach and everybody seems to mind his own business.


palm tress balian beach


It is a bit cumbersome to get here, since there are no signs but if you arrive in Lalang Linggah village keep your eyes peeled for the Gajah Mina resort sign. Right next to the sign is a narrow road that takes you straight to the beach.

Nowadays there is a lot of accommodation to choose from ranging from luxurious villas owned by Russians to much cheaper bungalows owned by local Balinese.

Balian Beach is a good surf spot for intermediate and advanced surfers. There are left and right breaks at the river mouth. They say that if Kuta beach is having a 1m or 2m swell, then at Balian it is 3m or 4m.


monico at balian beach
Enjoying a snack...


If you explore the long and wide beach more you might be able to find little caves, tunnels and bays. So if you are lucky you might find a fantastic patch of beach all to your self.

Balian Beach is definitely worth a visit and if you go, you should spend one night (or more) to experience it to the fullest.


balian beach west bali
One of the many quiet beaches in Bali...


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Medewi Beach

With its rocky beach, Medewi is probably the least attractive compared to the other beaches. People come here for only one thing and that's surfing.

We arrived at Medewi Beach late in the afternoon and at that time there was a small crowd of spectators eating mie-kuah (noodle soup) from a warung nearby while watching a couple of surfers catching waves.


medewi beach west bali


Despite its low-key atmosphere this beach has the longest point break in Bali and is known for its long left hand wave that offers rides around 200-400 meters long. So it's kind of a surprise that there isn't a steady stream of surfers coming here all day long.

There are a couple of accommodation options along the west coastal road leading to the beach. Starting first with small home stays and ending right at the beach with the huge Medewi Beach Cottages which is badly in need of a face lift.

Medewi Beach is a perfect escape from other surf beaches in the south. It's a long trip to get here, but if you have the time it's a great place to surf while hanging out with local surf dudes.

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Pemuturan beach

On the north coast of Bali you can find Pemuteran village with its beach resorts and beautiful secluded beaches.

Since the water is very calm and the underwater world still very good, these beaches are mostly used for snorkeling and scuba diving.


pemuturan beach west bali


Pemuteran village doesn't attract a lot of visitors (which is a good thing ;-) and most tourists in this area prefer to stay in Lovina beach. During the wet season you'll hardly run into anybody, which is even better.

From most of the resorts' beaches the underwater world is just a stone thrown away so it wouldn't look weird walking around in your diving or snorkeling gear. But the best place for snorkeling. and diving is called Menjangan island, which is part of West Bali National Park, a short drive from Pemuteran.


diving pemuturan beach
Walk straight into the water from your resort...


If you really want to see something special, this is the place to go. We had been in Amed already and were not very convinced when the boatman said that Menjangan was even better.

But once down-under you'll get the picture...


menjangan island bali scuba diving
Menjangan, for the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Bali.


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