• Rice field irrigation system

    The rice field terraces in Bali are built in such a specific way that water is used
    efficiently, resulting in optimum use of land and resources.

  • Traffic or no traffic

    During a cremation ceremony the body is carried to the Pura Dalem and if the procession
    creates a long traffic jam then it will be fully accepted by the drivers.

  • Coconuts

    In Bali every little bit of coconut is considered useful. It is for instance used for
    cooking, lighting a fire and carved into a beautiful decoration.

  • The good old days...

    Traffic is increasing on the island, but luckily some stick to the nice things from the past:
    the good old bike.

West Bali sightseeing route - Kuta to Lovina via Antosari

The West Bali sightseeing route from the south to the north of the island is not the most popular. The majority of travelers reach the northern part of the island via Lake Bratan or via Lake Batur.

Nevertheless the following route we took was a wonderful surprise for us and we highly recommend it as an alternative route to travel between Kuta and Lovina.

It takes you through the country side, along amazing rice terraces and pass villages that you won't find in the south of Bali anymore.

The route starts in Kuta and continues to Tanah lot, Tabanan, Antosari, Pupuan, Seririt, Banjar and ends in Lovina, the northern tourist spot.


balinese on bike to ceremony
Things can get crazy on the road...


There are some things that you should keep in mind though when taking this route. First of all the best day and time to start this route is early Sunday morning. On top of that, bring enough snacks with you so you have the possibility to skip lunch.

These two things might sound strange, but from experience it is useful to keep them in mind.

The thing is, the traffic between Tanah Lot and Antosari can be crazy as it is part of an important highway that connects Gilimanuk with the southern part of Bali. Gilimanuk is the port for ferries coming from Java so you can imagine the many trucks loaded with all kinds of goods...


smelly truck west bali
You don't want to be driving behind this one


If you are on a motor bike and you leave Sunday, when there is hardly any traffic, the chances are you are able to avoid inhaling toxic emissions from dodgy looking trucks. Otherwise you will arrive at your final destination all covered with a black layer.

And trust me, it might look funny on your fellow traveler until you see yourself in the mirror.

As for the additional snacks, along this route you probably won't find a nice place to eat. And if you do, it might be too early or too late to have lunch.

I might not sound very optimistic but if you keep these two points in mind you will be in for a fantastic day.


ricefields west bali
Scenery on the way to Tanah Lot



So leave early in the morning from Kuta. From here drive towards Seminyak and Kerobokan where you continue following the signs to Tabanan. Eventually, after a while you will also see the tourist signs showing you the way to Tanah Lot.

The road to Tanah Lot temple characterizes this day trip: rice fields as far as the eye can see.

Tanah Lot

You don't need to turn left to go to the temple. If you feel like driving on just keep on following the signs to Tabanan. But if you have never seen the most photographed temple in Asia then you should stop to pay it a visit.


tanah lot temple bali
Tanah Lot, one of the most important sea temples


It is always a beautiful sight to see the temple Tanah Lot set against the waves of the ocean. You can only reach the temple complex at low tide..

Visitors are not allowed to climb up and enter the temple but still it's worth a quick look and of course to take a picture :-)


From Tanah Lot's peaceful and quiet road you drive back to the big highway to turn left towards Antosari. There is not much to see on this part except for the crazy traffic and unattractive villages with many shops.

Drive carefully here as this is the dangerous part of the journey...

Fortunately soon enough you are able to turn right towards the north and we continue the journey through the landscape where rice fields dominate.


west bali ricefields view
Wow what a view!


If you pass the many rice fields you will soon discover that the stages of the seedlings in each rice field aren't always identical. It is possible that you see a green rice field while ten minutes later the seedlings have just been planted and the terraces are covered with water.

Every time I see these rice terraces I always have to remind myself that this is not a natural phenomenon but that the Balinese have been creating this magnificent landscape by hand for generations and not with modern machinery.

After visiting Bali many times, I still can't get enough of the stunning rice field sceneries.


views of ricefields
Magnificent scenery


From here on all you need to do is enjoy the landscape. Just stick to the main road and you won't get lost. The first turn is at Seririt, the village on the north coast.

Once the main road ends in a junction you are in Seririt. Turn right here towards Banjar.


As soon as you spot the signs 'Air Panas Banjar' or Hot Water Springs turn right. You will pass a village before you turn left again and gradually you go up the hill to the hot water springs.

The late afternoon is a perfect time of the day to soak in hot water. All the aches from sitting the entire day on a motor bike will disappear like snow before the sun.


balinese woman west bali
You might not speak the same language, but a smile is universal



Now is time for the final stretch of the route. Lovina is a collective name of 4 fishing-villages. So along the main road you will see many resorts and restaurants.

The nicest village to stroll around is Kalibukbuk. Here you can even have dinner with view on the ocean. Ideal when the sun is about to set...

Our favorite place to sit at this time of day is at Sea breeze Restaurant. I think we are not the only ones, because all tables can be occupied if you are just a bit too late.

At this point all you now need to do now is take in the fresh ocean air and reflect on the wonderful journey of the day...


sunset lovina beach bali
Fishing before it gets too dark



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