• Eat Organic and Vegetarian Food

    Down to Earth has three restaurants in Bali, including Zula restaurant. Here they focus on
    providing nutritious organic and vegetarian food. A treat to visit.

  • Local Fishermen

    Walk along the beach towards the end of the day and see the local fishermen preparing
    their nets and boats for their next fishing trip early the next day.

  • Spiky Durian

    Some hate it, others love it. Try to ignore the smell and take a bite. You might be surprised
    and consider yourself a member of the 'love it' group.

  • Nuts with Coconuts

    Coconuts is not only useful as a refreshing drink or for cooking, the Balinese will use
    every little bit of it for all kinds of purposes.

Zula Seminyak Restaurant, the Oasis for Vegetarians...

When you travel to Bali the Zula Seminyak restaurant is the place to be if you are looking for healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner that doesn't contain any traces of animal protein.

But believe me, even die-hard carnivores will find enough to choose from here and won't miss their daily dose of meat...

The orange-green colored vegetarian restaurant is the only place in town that serves vegan food. It is located on Jalan Dhyana Pura, just 30m off the busy Jalan Seminyak. When you drive into the street, it is one of the first restaurants on your left.

zula restaurant seminyak
The place to be for organic and vegetarian food in town.


The Zula vegetarian restaurant is playfully decorated with wooden tables and chairs with pillows, paintings and a long display of the food items which they sell. These items are all organic and health conscious food, such as cereals, seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower...you name it), spreads, food supplements and even body- and facial creams etc.

In the back of the restaurant you can find the counter with food displayed in a cooler. It's just like the deli at home.

From here you can choose all kinds of food, but you can also just take a seat and have a look at their menu.


interior seminyak zula restaurant
The restaurant and little health food shop


The menu is like a little novel, each dish has a story behind it explaining the positive benefits or the list of ingredients it contains. It will take a while until you have read through it and decided on what you want to eat.

There are a lot of unique creations and you might even learn some thing or two on food substitutes and their health benefits.

But if you want to make it easier for yourself glance at the blackboard behind the counter where the dishes are written in short...

Listen to this: Chickpea protein burger baked and served on homemade roll with tofu herb spread, Moroccan red pepper salad, shredded carrots, beets, onion and avocado.

Or better yet, go for their wholesome "planet platter" which consists of brown rice, soy, protein, tofu, Tempe, sea weed and (pickled) vegetables. All added to benefit your digestive system.



dish at zula restaurant seminyak
Vegetarian food with influences from the Middle East...



Does sound good, doesn't it?

But don't worry if this is just too much for you, they also have dishes that sound more common (but always with their own vegetarian twist to it): taco's, kebabs (instead of meat they use  'seitan'), pita bread with spreads, delicious falafel and Indonesian food such as coconut curry, whole grain nasi goreng, buck wheat noodles etc.


matt at zula restaurant seminyak
Zula makes healthy eating easy...


Their soups also sound inviting such as their pumpkin ginger soup, that according to the text in the menu, regulates blood metabolism, supports the spleen pancreas and relives bronchial asthma.

The lentil-, tomato- or organic miso soup also have life supporting or curing benefits so check them out too...

Not only does Zula restaurant serve vegetarian dishes, but also health drinks. You can choose a drink or smoothie that suits you best for that specific moment. Here are some examples:

Workout Cooling Greens: orange, cucumber, parsley, spirulina
Nervous system nourishing: Pinapple, coconut milk, mint
Reduce Anxiety: Chamomille tea, apple, honey, vanilla.

And not to forget dessert! Again, you can go wrong here as their desserts contain no sugar, dairy or artificial flavoring. For those new to the world of 'vegan', do try it out! You'll be happily surprised!

If you are into raw food, then Zula has some possibilities too. Just ask the staff if they can prepare something for you.

As you can tell, this restaurant offer a great opportunity to discover the benefits and delights of vegetarian food. And besides that, it is always good to have something different for a change...

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